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World Market for Prescription Dermatological Drugs, 8th Edition (Antiacne, Antiaging, Dermatitis, Hair Loss, Psoriasis, Skin Cancer, Melasma and Seborrhea Treatments)


This Kalorama Information report, The Worldwide Market for Prescription Dermatological Drugs represents the eighth time that Kalorama has detailed the various categories of prescription dermatological drugs, describes the global market and identifies major market factors that may help to shape the market for treatments in the future. It is a time of change for this market sector, with OTC product launches, rising skin cancer incidence and acquisitions in the industry, and this report takes those updated details into account in its comprehensive analysis.

Full Coverage of Key Prescription Dermatological Drug Segments

The global market for prescription dermatology drugs includes products in the following categories:

Prescription Acne and Rosacea Drugs (Benzoyl, Retinoids, Antibiotics, Other)
Prescription Antiaging and Photodamage Drugs (Keratolytics, Moisturizers, Retinoids, Sun-screens, Other Agents)
Prescription Dermatitis and Seborrhea Drugs(Topical, Systemic, Others)
Prescription Fungal Infection Drugs (Topical, Systemic)
Prescription Hair Loss and Hair Removal Drugs(Antiandrogens, Androgen Inhibitors, Others)
Prescription Hyperpigmentation/Melasma Drugs(Hyperpigmentation/Melasma Agents, Depigmenting Agents)
Prescription Psoriasis Drugs (Topical, Systemic, Other)
Prescription Skin Cancer Drugs
Other Prescription Skin Disorder Drugs(Antiviral Drugs, Antiparasitic Agents)

Cosmetic Medications Get Preference

A poor pipeline of new products has hurt pharmaceutical companies broadly. Reliance on blockbuster drugs is a longshot strategy and major companies are shifting focus to cosmetic medications. By doing this, many manufacturers are realizing less scrutiny from the FDA and a growing need in the niche markets such as dermatology.

This transition will play a role in the future development of the dermatological industry over the forecast period. The global pharmaceutical sector has little choice but to continue expanding through mergers and acquisitions for some time to come.

A Look at Key Trends in Dermatologics

It’s a very dynamic time for the prescription dermatological drug industry. Consolidation, economic times, new technologies and genetic discoveries are among the trends that the industry is seeing, and these are among those analyzed in this report:

Shift in Growth Areas: Since the last edition, some parts of the market experienced growth and others less so. Market watchers will want to stay informed with what innovators are focusing on.


Table of Contents :



Scope and Methodology
Size and Growth of the Market
Issues and Trends Affecting Market
Competitor Analysis


Structure and Function of the Skin
Subcutaneous Tissue
Epidermal Appendages
Functions of the Skin
Effects of Aging on the Skin
Dermatological Conditions and Treatment
Drug Absorption
Drug Delivery Methods
Demographics of Skin Disorders, Incidence, and Prevalence


Patient Compliance
Cosmetic Dermatologists
Melanoma Survival Rates Falter
Phosphatidylglycerol and Psoriasis
New Itch Gene Found
New Filler Options
Consumer Confusion
Genetic Link to Psoriasis
Biologic Dermatology
Rx-to-OTC Switches
Reimbursement Issues
Accutane IPledge Program
Laser Therapy
Narrowband Ultraviolet B
Photodynamic Therapy
New Oral Medications and Research for Acne
Synthetic Lipids for Skin Healing

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