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Targeted Health and Wellness Foods and Beverages: The U.S. Market and Global Trends


The market for targeted health and wellness foods and beverages is a dynamic and promising one, driven largely by the growing recognition—among scientists, government, practitioners, and consumers alike—of the instrumental role diet plays in a wide range of health conditions. In fact, diseases that are linked to eating habits, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some types of cancer, and diabetes, are among the leading causes of death in the United States.

The risk of developing diet-related chronic diseases increases with age, so the graying of the population is a key factor in this market. Escalating healthcare costs that prompt consumers to seek alternative ways of managing their health also serve to draw attention to these products.

Packaged Facts defines targeted health and wellness (THW) products as retail packaged foods and beverages that are specially formulated and distinctively marketed as addressing a specific health concern or disease. This category is distinct from, but related to, a number of other product categories, including functional foods, nutraceuticals, and condition-specific nutritional supplements, as well as the FDA-defined categories of foods for special dietary use and medical foods.

The most compelling insights in Targeted Health and Wellness Foods and Beverages are derived from a series of proprietary Packaged Facts online consumer surveys. More than 40 tables, charts, and graphs illustrating the results of these surveys are featured in the report. Among the key findings:

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. grocery shoppers have purchased a food or beverage in the past year for the purpose of addressing one or more of the 20-plus health and wellness concerns examined by Packaged Facts. Cholesterol management and digestive health of particular concern.

In many categories, THW shoppers are exceptionally willing to pay more for “better-for-you” grocery products. They also express an above-average willingness to pay more for higher-quality grocery products.

The health benefit reputation of a food, beverage, or ingredient is the most significant factor when shoppers are making a purchase decision based on a specific personal or household health concern. This underscores the importance of conveying health benefits credibly, clearly, consistently, and frequently.

Nearly half of shoppers in Packaged Facts’ survey say doctors are one of their key sources of information about nutrients in food, and about one-quarter cite other medical professionals. Furthermore, one-quarter of shoppers say a recommendation by a health professional is an important factor when buying grocery products targeting a specific health concern. Therefore, marketing to healthcare practitioners can be a rewarding strategy, despite challenges.


Table of Contents :


Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Definition, Scope, and Methodology

Related Terms

Functional Foods


Foods for Special Dietary Use

Condition-specific Nutritional Supplements

Medical Foods

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Clinical Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition

Diet Is Implicated in Leading Causes of Death and Disability

Table 1-1: 15 Leading Causes of Death in the U.S.

The Regulatory Environment

United States


Europe and UK


Australia/New Zealand

People’s Republic of China

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