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Remote and Wireless Patient Monitoring Markets


Advanced patient monitoring systems that provide wireless or remote patient monitoring to share data outside the immediate patient care area continue to see sales growth. Features on these devices can range from basic remote tracking ability to "face-to-face" interaction between clinicians and patients, or even data sorting of the vast amount of data collected in order to put it into the context of a patient's condition. Many systems now transfer data to an electronic medical record (EMR), and some come with full-service outsourcing.
This Kalorama Information report, Remote & Wireless Patient Monitoring Markets covers three product areas: wireless and remote patient monitors, patient data processing applications and equipment, and EMR data transfer equipment and applications which coordinate the flow of data to hospital electronic medical record systems. Data is provided for the US market in 2010 and forecasted to 2015.

Many companies have entered this growing field. Among the offerings discussed in the report are the following:

American Medical Development (AMD) Telemedicine Products
American TeleCare
Cybernet Medical Corporation
Drager Medical
GE Healthcare
GlobalMedia Group
Honeywell HomMed
InTouch Health
LifeWatch Technologies
Philips Medical Systems
St. Jude Medical
Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions, Inc.
Welch Allyn
There are four primary markets for these new technologies:
Home healthcare;
Nursing homes; and
Other (including first responders, institutional, physician offices, and military)
Disease categories being monitored remotely:

In addition to providing market sizes by venue serviced, the report also breaks out the market for remote and wireless patient monitoring based on the disease category being monitored by these devices for the following categories:

Asthma Monitoring
COPD Monitoring
CHF Monitoring
CHD Monitoring
Cancer Monitoring
Diabetes Monitoring
Other Disease Monitoring


Table of Contents :



Scope and Methodology
Product Segments
Product Details
Home Health
Nursing Homes
Other Markets
Issues and Trends
Size and Growth of the Market


Aging of the Population
Aging Population in the United States
Population Statistics
World Population
U.S. Demographics
Proven Cost Effectiveness
Economic Trends
U.S. Healthcare Market
U.S. Healthcare Challenges
Barriers to Use of New Technologies in Patient Monitoring

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