Creative Tools... and ESL
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Creative Tools... and ESL
Best tools and reflections to introduce creative and collaborative learning in education... especially in ESL
Curated by Ricard Garcia
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Thunks | Creative Tools... and ESL |

This site has been a wonderful source of discussion ideas in my class, especially in philosophy sessions. This site has a archive going back to 2007 of over 1,000 fabulous question that will get your class (and you) thinking and discussing. You can even submit your own brain bouncing questions to the site.

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its-teachers: A breath of fresh air

its-teachers: A breath of fresh air | Creative Tools... and ESL |

Interview to two of the authors of Next Generation, the new ELT book for Bachillerato/Upper Secondary of Cambridge University Press. I know one of them it's me... but sometimes it is quite healthy to raise your own self-esteem!

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Well done Ricard!