1930's Crimes by AD
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1930's Crimes by AD
The Great Depression
Curated by Alfonzo Davis
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Scooped by Alfonzo Davis

The Letter

How Life's Going


Alfonzo Davis's insight:

Crime Of The 1930s


By Allfonzo Davis


Dear Mama, How You Been? I have been pretty good trying to make it on my own two feet and Mary has been doing pretty good as well. Right now we are currently stuck in hoovervilles right now. They named it after our late President Herbert Hoover. But they also call hoovervilles “Shanty towns”. They also built by homeless people during the great depression. Hoovervilles were makeshift from tents & shacks. When they named it after the late president Herbert Hoover which was born poor but as he grew up he started to have fortune. He also helped World War 1 with food administration flooding. Herbert Hoover was known as a “Self-Made Man”. As we were traveling around we came across some music I have never heard of before in my life and the music was very good too. They call it jazz music too and even though I have never heard for it I learned a lot of information about it too. Jazz was emerged in the south and in the Midwest. It was created By A.A. Blues, ragtime, & popular music merged the Sound. But jazz music was based on improvisation. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s it is symbolic.  Jazz also helps break down racial & social divisions. As I was learning this information they named a few jazz artist like Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington and Marian Anderson. Also I got to learn about some of the writers too. The writers of the 1920s and 1930s were referred to the lost generation. But it also led World War 1 a long to believe in old times. They saw good men die in World War 1 and question the rights and wrongs. Throughout the for a way me and Mary had a little business going on for a while till we had to go outta business due to the great depression. Money was being pulled here and there out so we had to close. Also many backs were starting to run out of money so they close. On top of the great depression it started in 1929-1941.On Top of people being unemployed half of them were parents for young children. The Children were asked to leave  and look for money, work and food on there own. We had a weak economy, high unemployment, & loss of money, jobs, &hope for many. Due to the unemployment rate American were budgeting which means they were saving more and spending less. The reason why they were unemployed was because they were instituted laid off to spend less. Also the business leaders were cutting on production. On Top Of All of this the tariffs was passed Hawley-smoot tax in 1930s. Other nation were passed high taffiffs were making it hard for Americans. Soon After we left this town we got caught up in a dust bowl. Desperation in the Great Plains was heightened by the dust bowl. Also the giant dust was brought on by droughts. When we are on the road and stuck in the dust bowl we were listening to this song on the radio and the song was called “This Land Is Your Land”. When the song came on I want to know immediately who is was because of the lyrics and the song was very good. A guy named woody Guthrie wrote Come To Find Out The Song. The Songs that he wrote were about working people and the dust bowl. The type of music he wrote & song was folk and blue music and it was considered to be a foundation. But as the Okies headed west they came into competition with Mexican Americans for jobs. I wanted to go with them and look for a job but I could because me and Mary were on the run from the police and we didn’t wanna get caught so we had to go a few more days without food and money but some how we always found a way to make it thru the days and weeks. Some of the Mexican Americans were faced with discrimination in the hunt for jobs. Finally, before I end this letter I just wanted to let you know I few things I had planned for my future so you wouldn’t be worried about me. Due to the prosperity & troubles me and Mary have been facing we have decided to rob one more back before we leave town for GOOD. Just wanted to let you know how much I am going miss you and miss being at home with out. Plus I wanted to let you know that I love you and I am truly going to miss you you very much. I guess that’s it for now hope to here from you soon.

Sincerely, Johnny

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