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Professor Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi is the Director of the Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology as well as the Chair of the Graduate Studies Program in Building Science and Technology at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria.


Professor Mahdavi's area of research and teaching covers building physics and building ecology, energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, building informatics and computational building performance simulation, building monitoring, diagnostics, controls, and automation. Professor Mahdavi has contributed to a number of internationally influential research efforts pertaining to eco-efficient buildings, indoor climate, integrated computational design support systems, building automation, and human factors. He has pioneered the application of simulation-based predictive building systems control methods and the introduction of human ecological reasoning in building science.


Professor Mahdavi is a frequent keynote speaker at international scientific conferences. He has held academic positions at numerous countries around the world, including USA, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, and India. He has authored close to 500 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings. His current and past organizational memberships include IBPSA, ASHRAE, IESNA, and SHE. He is a member of the editorial board of five international scientific journals in the fields of energy, buildings, environment, and performance simulation.


You can watch the presentation here: http://youtu.be/fxFN07HqMaw ;