Generate more leads with content marketing

Generate more leads with content marketing

Publish quality content. Attract qualified leads. Close deals.

I heard content marketing helps to generate leads, but…

Why is content marketing vital for lead generation?

What format should I focus on? Blogs? Ebooks? Other?

How can I measure the impact of content marketing on my lead generation?

3 pillars to consider to generate leads through content marketing

In 2015, 83% of marketers say lead generation is a key objective of their content marketing. To reach such objectives, your content needs to be optimized for conversion.

The top marketing experts say it: content marketing might be the best technique to generate leads.

Joe Pulizzi
Founder of Content Marketing Institute
Winner of the 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award

“The key to content marketing success is building a loyal audience over time (subscribers). Once subscribers are built, that becomes amazingly fertile ground for lead generation. Actually, it may be the best way.”

Jayson DeMers
Founder & CEO of AudienceBloom – Writer for Forbes, HuffingtonPost,, and more..

“Content marketing is the foundation of modern online marketing campaigns and lead generation. Great content builds brands, increases conversion rates, drives qualified leads, fuels social media campaigns, and earns inbound links, improving SEO.”

Jason Miller
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Linkedin

“Content curation not only alleviates the pressure of having to devote valuable time to creating original content, but it also adds credibility and third party validations to your efforts”

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– Why content curation helps you generate more leads

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