The focus of this page is on the diverse ways in which women are influencing those around them to move towards a state of social, environmental and economic sustainability.   The world’s largest source of renewable energy is the untapped potential of women and girls. Everywhere we are hearing the declaration, 'Enough is Enough', as women voice their collective discontent and anger at the hand they have been dealt in a world dominated by masculine values.   We are currently seeing the emergence of a global movement that blends three key phenomena:   • The empathic nature of girls and women  • Collective human wisdom  • Digital technology    This movement will be lead by ‘wise women’, who will fully exploit this timely fit between empathy, wisdom and the digital revolution. The essence of empathy and wisdom is invisible, a product of mind and spirit. As such, it can be rapidly shared and amplified across the globe via digital means.     See also:   Website –  • Facebook –  • Twitter – • Google+ – • Pinterest –