Half an Hour: Evaluating a MOOC | Zukunft des Lernens | Scoop.it

I was asked (along with Dave Cormier and George Siemens):

"How might it be possible to show that cMOOCs are effective for learning, in the sense of providing evidence that institutions might accept so as to support opening up more courses to outside participants (a la ds106, Alec Couros' EC&I 831, etc.)? Or, more generally, providing evidence that participation in and facilitating cMOOCs is worthy of support by institutions... What I'm looking for are criteria one might use to say that a cMOOC is successful. What should participants be getting out of cMOOCs?"

I think the best way to understand success in a MOOC is by analogy with, say a book, or a game, or a trip to the city. ...


by Stephen Downes