Doubling Renewable Energy Will Save Money And Help Climate | Zero Footprint |
New research from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) suggests that scaling up the percentage of the world's renewable energy usage to 36% of the world's total energy consumption by 2030 is not only going to be healthy for the environment, but is also able to produce savings of up to $740 billion per year


“The central policy question is this: What energy sources do we want to invest in? 

“In answering this question, ‘REmap 2030’ makes a clear case for renewables. It shows the transition is affordable based on existing technologies, and that the benefits go well beyond the positive climate impact. Countries today face a clear choice for a sustainable energy future.”

IRENA believe that by doubling renewable energy usage to 36%, the global demand for oil and gas would drop by 15% and by 26% for coal. This not only benefits the climate as a whole, but has immediate and long-term benefits for health affected by pollution, as well as energy security for countries currently reliant upon energy imports.