EUN Academy: first course on future classroom scenarios | Zentrum für multimediales Lehren und Lernen (LLZ) |

 The Future Classroom Scenarios course aims to introduce teachers, headteachers and ICT coordinators in schools to concepts, tools, and exchanges about the future classroom. The course is designed in response to the increasing challenges faced by educators around the world to accommodate the rising importance of technology in education and the impact this has on teaching and learning.


Course Modules:

Module 1 What does the future classroom look like?: we look at important concepts such as 21st century skills and explore how classrooms are or should be organized.

Module 2 Your future classroom – towards a realistic vision: we look at how to create a vision for your own future classroom or school.

Module 3 From vision to reality – technology in your future classroom: we explore how technology can support us in achieving our vision for a future classroom or school.

Module 4 From vision to reality – learning activities for 21st century skills: we introduce the concept of learning activities for 21st century skills.

Module 5 From vision to reality – from learning activities to learning stories: we turn learning activities into a learning story that can be tested and evaluated in the classroom.

Module 6 Have you seen the future classroom yet?: we review all the concepts and tools introduced in previous modules and prepare for the testing and evaluation of your learning stories in the classroom.



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