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The Power of Positive Coaching

The Power of Positive Coaching | Youth Sports Coaching |

A group called Positive Coaching Alliance is training thousands of coaches and parents to change to culture of youth sports for the better.

Imagine you're coaching a big soccer game, against an undefeated team that has beaten your team in all your previous matches. Your 11-year-olds are playing well and are ahead. Then, in the closing minutes, the official makes a bad call that goes against you and, because of it, you lose. After the game, the parents of your players scream at the official. The kids are disappointed, looking up at you. What do you do?

Or you're coaching tee-ball and one of your 5-year-old players has failed to get a hit so far. Now, he's up again in a crucial situation and is nervous. All eyes are on him. His first swing misses high. The second misses low and knocks the ball off the tee. You call him over to offer some help. What do you say?

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Psychology of Coaching Your Own Child

Psychology of Coaching Your Own Child | Youth Sports Coaching |

The psychology of coaching youth sports certainly changes when one’s own child is part of the team. Keeping a good, solid relationship comes by doing this.

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COACHING ETHICS - Remembering what 's important!

COACHING ETHICS - Remembering what 's important! | Youth Sports Coaching |
Coaching Ethics - Coach Long covers the importance of correctly prioritizing what is really important when coaching youth sports. Learn to be a role model for your young kids.

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Sara M Hall's curator insight, November 10, 2014 7:57 PM

In his article, Coach Long brings up many good points on how ethics should be in youth sports. In his article he doesn't go to say winning is bad, but the way winning is glorified and taught is wrong. Long also points out how playing a game with no score does not make sense either, playing and teaching youth sports is a way to find a balance between winning, having fun, and teaching young athletes about sports in a healthy way. Allowing students to grow and learn life lessons through sports, and most importantly allowing them to learn to have fun. I really think Long did a fantastic job at helping coaches of young athletes get back to the basic ethics and good morals of what youth sports should be about.

Jayme Dannen-Deal's curator insight, April 16, 2015 11:01 PM

This is a great article - as coaches we need to remember that we are role models and there are so many more important things that just winning. 

Christopher Baldwin's curator insight, June 12, 2015 11:53 AM

The following article explains the importance of understanding ethics in youth sports. This article also explains trends among youth sports today such as "winning at all costs" and the importance of sportsmanship.