Mindfulness at Work—3 ways to get started | Your Personality is Your Thumbprint | Scoop.it

"Ready to practice some Mindfulness in your own life?  Here are three ways to get started:


1. Consider an important goal, task, or situation you currently have on your priority list.

3. Notice the physical sensation in your body that occurs just by thinking about it.  Does your stomach turn, your jaw clench, your chest tighten, your forehead frown?  Do you break into a smile, have butterflies in your stomach, or feel your pulse race?  Your body notices how you feel before you do!

3. Now notice the emotion attached to the physical feeling.  Is it positive or negative?  That’s judgment.  An emotion is your opinion of the physical sensation you are experiencing.  What if you were to let go of it and simply notice?  This would present you with a myriad of more choices than the one that so automatically came to your awareness...."

Via ThinDifference