Seven Myths About Transmedia Storytelling Debunked | Fast Company | Young Adult and Children's Stories |

Henry Jenkins-Over the past few years, transmedia storytelling has become a hot buzzword in Hollywood and Madison Avenue alike--"the next big thing" or "the last big thing" depending on whom you ask.


Transmedia storytelling is cool.  But what is it really?  As the articles I've curated by Mike Jones say, there's a lot of hype out there about transmedia storytelling and we need voices to bring clarity to all the hoopla.  This article also helps us cut through all the noise to get at what's happening with storytelling as it spreads across different media.


Why do I like transmedia storytelling?  Because it allows storytellers to share backstories and stories from different points of view in ways that can be simultaneous. That's fun!


This article again brings a lot of clarity to people interested in transmedia storytelling. What has this got to do with business?  Well, even small business can start sharing different aspects of their core stories in different media in various marketing channels.  It's the wave of the future, so let's get our creative juices flowing and start figuring this out now.

Via Karen Dietz, Eloisa Branco - Transmedia