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Global Politics - Yemen
A collection of news items on the current (April 2015) situation in Yemen <br> <br> Global Politics - as in the IB Diploma course of that name (although this page is not connected to the IBO directly in any way)
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All about Adam

All about Adam | Global Politics - Yemen |

THAT old-time religion is strong in America. To take just one measure, for decades more than 40% of all Americans have consistently told Gallup pollsters that God created humans in pretty much their current form, less than 10,000 years ago. They are embracing an account of man’s origins promoted by Young Earth Creationists who lean on a painstakingly literal reading of the Scriptures, swatting aside the counter-claims of science (fossils are a relic of Noah’s flood, they argue, and evolution is a myth peddled by atheists). In a recent poll 58% of Republicans and 41% of Democrats backed creationism. The glue that underpins such faith is the principle of Biblical inerrancy—a certainty that the Scriptures are infallibly and unchangingly true.

earthdog58's insight:

One thing that bothers me about this whole debate is the human energy that is taken away from solving the real and evident problems that the world faces today.


The real world - the one outside the window - the one with people in it.


With so many people in the world facing hunger, or with no easy access to safe drinking water; with all the forms of physical, psychological, and political violence that surround us ... does it really make any difference what we believe about how life started?


Do an atheist and a theist arguing about evolution and creation make the world a better place?


Does scoring points in a debate help feed a child? Dig a well? Build a school?


And if they don't, what IS the point?


As a friend of mine used to say: "Don't tell me what you believe - tell me what you DO"

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Why the Environment’s Trashed, You’re Broke, and Wars Drag On

How corporate power is killing the world, explained in animated GIFs
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