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International Center for Integrative Systems - About Us

The main research goal at the International Center for Integrative Systems is to explore & develop new methodologies in the areas of:

Media & telecommunication infrastructure
Arts, Art forms & Culture
Transportation Systems
Innovation & governance Systems

to visualize, understand, develop and integrate currently disconnected systems into practically useable models of future.
We believe in the power of the community. For research, we believe in a shared set of resources that our community of researchers can use to advance research quicker rather than each researcher competing and reinventing resources for themselves. To this end, we have created a shared set of resources including Grant Writing, Tools and Methodologies, Bio Statistics and Data Center Lab. These resources are necessary for any researcher to advance their scientific work. Our community also supports efforts in promoting arts, art forms, cross-cultural activities and healthy living practices that are available domestically and internationally. At our institute, we provide the shared resources in a collaborative manner so all researchers can use them in a community model.
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