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Storytelling and Content Strategy

Storytelling and Content Strategy | Writing Tips and Techniques | Scoop.it
How to use two basic plots to define your business’ content strategy, while keeping the customer as the hero of the story.


I love this article! It puts anyone's content strategy into a fabulous storytelling context, and gives all of us a way to think about our websites from a narrative perspective.


The ideas here are very helpful and fun to play with. The author, Kat French, did a good job.


Using The Quest story format, you can easily share your customers stories.


Using The Boy Meets Girl format, you can evaluate your website and tell/share your biz stories much better.


The other blog post links at the end of the article look worthy of exploration also.


So go enjoy this delightful -- and helpful -- piece!


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at www.scoop.it/t/just-story-it ;

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Rescooped by Barb Lack from Success Leadership

Tell Me a Story -- 8 Tips for Powerful Narratives That Drive Social Impact

Tell Me a Story -- 8 Tips for Powerful Narratives That Drive Social Impact | Writing Tips and Techniques | Scoop.it

Stories Matter

As a social marketer and social entrepreneur, I am highly aware of the use of narrative and framing in our daily lives. From politics to the marketplace, who sets the narrative and how they set it has great power. It impacts who cares about an issue, what they hear, and what they are willing to do.

Recently, everywhere I go, people ask me how to tell a more effective story. Advocates, colleagues, and clients observe that the organizations that achieve policy goals, get transformative grants, or seize the market’s interest are the ones that 1) have the resources to disseminate their story, and 2) just tell the better story. I would argue that the real winners are the organizations that actually manage to tell a story at all.

Via Karen Dietz, Richard Andrews
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