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Colleague Andrew Nemiccolo has just published his new e-book on business storytelling and I really like it.

I know -- you are thinking, "What?! ANOTHER ebook on business storytelling??" Yep, and it's good. Here's what I like about it:

1. The focus on 'back-channel' communication and listening
2. Tackling being vulnerable and getting comfortable sharing your personal stories
3. Advice to NOT find stories, but find experiences instead
4. Steps for figuring out who your audience is first before you share a story
5. All the great story prompts for figuring out and organizing the experiences you want to share
6. Tips for creating a story bank of your experiences

I am not crazy about the definition of 'story' that Andrew uses -- basically for him, anything is a story. Well, that's not helpful and actually leads to a lot of confusion for people. A Tweet is not a story, but it can be part of a larger business narrative. Knowing the difference will help you better target your storytelling efforts.

The book is primarily focused on marketing and branding. Even so, the information and advice can be use in a whole host of other biz story applications.

Go grab the easy-to-read-and-digest book and get smarter about working with stories in business.

I have no affiliation with Andrew or his company other than a promise to chat over coffee sometime. Enjoy the book!

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