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13 News Ways To Learn In 2013

13 News Ways To Learn In 2013 | Scriveners' Trappings |

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, January 9, 2013 10:32 PM

Are you looking for ways to learn online this year? Check out this post which provides 13 possibilities for you to explore. A few of them are:

* Get inspired by great speeches - listen to speeches from turning points in history, movies and more!

* Directory of open access journals - do you need to research a topic? Check out journals that provide free access.

* Publish your own graphic novel - Use Comic Master to write a graphic novel (or perhaps, have students in your class use it).

* Explore maps - new and old. With GPS we may neglect maps, yet maps are an amazing tool. Learn about geograpgy, culture, history and more as you explore old maps (and new) at a variety of websites. 

Nine additional links await you when you click through to this post!

Pradeep Kumar's curator insight, January 9, 2013 11:24 PM

Check this out

Rescooped by Jim Lerman from EdTech Tools!

New England Literacy Resource Center

New England Literacy Resource Center | Scriveners' Trappings |

Like many other adults, adult learners are trying to figure out how to make good choices when buying a computer. A group of educators from Boston area decided to address this need by developing a web-based virtual visit to a computer store that can be used for self-study or as part of a class with adult learners. Their web site “How to buy a computer” is one of several web-based projects completed by adult educators who participated in professional development on using the Web to augment instruction and supporting learners who might benefit from self-study. Practitioners from Massachusetts and Rhode Island focused on developing and supporting online learning options while Connecticut and Vermont practitioners learned how to build Web sites with students as a project-based activity.

Via Patty Ball
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