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5 Ways Writers Can Break Out of the Tired Old Social Media Box

5 Ways Writers Can Break Out of the Tired Old Social Media Box | Scriveners' Trappings |

The social media world is changing daily. In other words, we must be alert and aware of the new tools that could support us in our approach. This interesting article speaks about some "new" tools that can also help us to go towards to success. [note Martin Gysler]


It’s time to teach that old dog some new tricks.


That old dog I’m referring to is social media.


Sure, you’re already blogging, and on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and more. Great.


But I’m telling you — there’s more to social media than meets the eye. The final chapter on social media hasn’t been written.


When I kicked off my writing business in April, I decided to use social media my way.


I approached these overused networks as if I’d never heard of them. I made my own rules. I set different expectations. You could say I wrote my own chapter on social media marketing.


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Rescooped by Jim Lerman from Online Collaboration Tools!

Screen-Sharing Comes To Google+ Hangouts

Screen-Sharing Comes To Google+ Hangouts | Scriveners' Trappings |

If you were waiting for Google to release a screen-sharing feature inside the Hangout real-time collaboration platform, that time has come.


In the next 48 hours Google will be rolling out to all Google+ users the ability to screen-share during any hangout session.


From Christopher Johnson G+ post: "When we launched Hangouts with Extras last September, we wanted to test new features and get feedback from users.


We’ve learned a lot over the past few months, and today we’re rolling out a new Hangouts look and feel that incorporates some of the “extras,” and better reflects Google’s overall design ( ).


Highlights include:


- Screensharing: share what’s on your computer screen with everyone in the hangout. This is the first of many extras we’re graduating to Hangouts proper.


- Bigger video: we’ve put more emphasis on the live video itself by optimizing white space and other screen elements."


Via Robin Good
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