10 Facts about Poma, Doppelmayr and Ski Lifts | World tourism | Scoop.it

1. Poma (real name: Pomagalski) has 60% of the French ski lift market

2. The average French ski lift is 19 years old, whereas in Austria it is 11 years old

3. French ski resorts have 3800 total lifts, compared to 4200 ten years ago

4. Poma first installed lifts in the USA in the 50s, and cable cars are still commonly called ‘Pomalifts’

5. The annual French market is estimated at €125m

6. Doppelmayr lifts are used in 24 French ski resorts

7. Each year French resorts replace 33-34 lifts

8. 40-60% of Poma’s and 66% of Doppelmayr’s revenues come from international markets

9. Poma employs 660 in France and 880 globally

10. In 2011 Kassbohrer sold 130 ‘piste bashers’ in France, but an average of 170 p/a in 2008-2010

Via Aurélien de PIERREFEU