The Best Marketing Blogs of 2012 [Infographic] | World's Best Infographics |

If you are a marketing professional, you probably follow a number of blogs to stay up to date with your industry. And with companies of all types launching their own blogs, you certainly have options.

At the end of 2011, NM Incite was tracking more than 189 million blogs worldwide, 5x the number just 5 years earlier.

Blogs are the newsstands of a new generation of business professionals. Newspapers have been replaced with blogs like Mashable and FastCompany and trade publications have given way to specialty blogs of all kinds. Blogs are an integral part of every marketer’s daily routine and are here to stay.

For this reason, over the past few weeks, Pardot has been covering our favorite blogs on a number of different subjects, from thought leaders to social media, to help readers find valuable resources they may have missed. We have compiled all of our favorite blogs into one infographic, to provide a comprehensive resource for all of your reading needs. 

Via Catherine Baleda