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Rescooped by Danielle Boucher from Geography Education!

A Life Revealed

A Life Revealed | World Regional Geography |
Seventeen years after she stared out from the cover of National Geographic, a former Afghan refugee comes face-to-face with the world once more.


The original cover is one of the more famous National Geographic photos of all time, and yet the woman in the photograph has not lived a life as though millions of people could recognize her eyes.  This is her story. 

Via Seth Dixon
megan b clement's comment, December 15, 2013 10:08 PM
But by looking at the photo we can see the beauty out of all the pain.
Bonnie Bracey Sutton's curator insight, December 15, 2013 10:49 PM

This photo is in Rome, where there is an exhibit based on NGS photos, and in Las Vegas as well. In both places the lines were long to get in.

Jess Deady's curator insight, May 4, 7:00 AM

This is basically a publicity stunt. When someone puts a specific cover on a magazine, they are looking for a certain kind of attention. Yes, this woman has faced some hardships in her life but not the brutal and intense things that this magazine may have stirred up.

Rescooped by Danielle Boucher from Geography Education!

Interactive maps Mexico-USA migration channels

Interactive maps  Mexico-USA migration channels | World Regional Geography |
In several previous posts we have looked at specific migration channels connecting Mexico to the USA: From Morelos to Minnesota; case study of a migrant...


An excellent way to show examples of chain migration and the gravity model...students will understand the concepts with concretes examples. These interactive maps have crisp geo-visualizations of the migratory flows.

Via Seth Dixon
hailey thornton's curator insight, September 10, 6:33 AM

migration, what is it really? migration is where a citizen of a country decides to leave to a new country, whether it be voluntary or forced.a great example would be mexico. people jump the border to the us all the time. now where they go is important just as much as why they go there. as you can see the second largest percent of mexicans will go the texas. why you may ask it is because texas it the closest to the border. also they can relate to the people who live there. they go to california because of the vineyards . they can get easy  work that most natives dont want to do.

Roman Mirando's curator insight, September 10, 6:48 AM

This chart is displaying the mexican immigration from Mexico to the USA. It is showing displaying the main places they move to and the top five of the USA. It also shows the percentage of the immigrants there.

Grant Graves's curator insight, September 11, 4:39 PM

Mexico is the largest source of immigrants to the United States. In this way, tens of thousands of Mexicans citizens become American citizens every year, making up a larger and larger percentage of of the US population. However, at the same time, many Mexicans are unable to immigrate to the US due to quotas and other immigration laws. In this way, many Mexican Citizens have no choice but to stay in Mexico or cross the border illegally. I believe that the US should remove quotas and many immigration laws. If this could be done, citizenship could be given to all who want it, making more US citizens and stimulating the US economy by bringing in more jobs and tax dollars. This is due to the simple fact that illegal immigrants do not or cannot pay taxes.