The Road to Ultramodern Marketing - | World of #SEO, #SMM, #ContentMarketing, #DigitalMarketing |
Technology. Integration. Intelligence. In the world of marketing, you’ll find that not all marketers are created equally. Different focuses, different styles, different approaches. The point has been reached where, to say “I’m a marketer” is about as broadly-defined as saying “I’m a business person.” Likewise, the evolutionary stage of marketing that’s utilized varies greatly — and the difference comes down to technology and intelligence. Tech and consumer intelligence is what could — when applied to the equation— transform traditional marketing to modern marketing and eventually to ultramodern marketing. There are many criteria that separate these these stages, but generally defined… Traditional Marketing, I consider to be your pre-email, pre-internet, broad form of generating inbound demand — usually focused more on brand strategy. It normally involves executing general messaging to wide and targeted audience then hoping for a returned action. Channels normally include print ad, commercial, direct mail, telemarketing. Modern Marketing involves more technology along with traditional efforts, and utilizes digital marketing communication channels that enables executing specifically-tailored messaging to targeted audiences and tracking basic, meta results. Instead of throwing a small ball into a large crowd and hoping someone catches it like in traditional marketing, it’s like throwing a larger ball in to a smaller crowd of people that you feel are more likely to catch [...]