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Posted by Brian Heater on January 7, 2013 • 


"No question, today's Sony press conference was all about the 4K. TVs, media services and even 4K recording for consumers. The latter arrived in the form of a couple of prototypes. First off was the generically labelled 4K Consumer Camcorder, a prototype device that was hanging out in a glass case at the Sony booth after the event concluded -- though there was a Handycam logo on the side of the device. It's not a bad looking handheld -- about a standard size for a prosumer model, with a viewfinder, mic and handle at the top. As for specs? No such luck at this early stage."





Watch also: CES: A chat with Sony about their 4K Camcorder Concept at cnettv.cnet.com (02:13)

Via Thierry Saint-Paul