Working Differently in Extension
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Working Differently in Extension
Following cooperative extension's efforts to work differently in the new knowledge landscape
Curated by Bob Bertsch
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Rescooped by Bob Bertsch from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

How to Be Successful in a Connected World [Infographic]

How to Be Successful in a Connected World [Infographic] | Working Differently in Extension |

This infographic has been put together by Ross Dawson, it's very straightforward and definitely makes its point.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

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Rescooped by Bob Bertsch from Content Curation World!

A Great Way To Curate Your Newsletter: Handpick

A Great Way To Curate Your Newsletter: Handpick | Working Differently in Extension |

Handpick is a great new service which allows you to curate a set of selected links to send out each day/week to your favorite groups of fans.


Though the use of a simple browser bookmarklet you can easily pick and save all of the most interesting resources and then have them sent out to your relevant subscribers.


How it works: "When you find a link you want to share, you click it, and it pops up a simple form for a title, link, description and a checklist of recipient groups you've created.


When you click 'share,' it doesn't buzz all your friends' phones right away. It collects links for you all day and sends an email digest to each group in the evening."


"Recipients of your Handpick links only get one message, and it arrives late in the day, when there's more time for thinking.


You create groups of contacts using whatever criteria you choose, and each group gets one message around 5 p.m. Pacific Time.


It has support for desktop and iPhone browser bookmarklets, a Chrome extension, and it can link with Instapaper."


Read the full review from ReadWriteWeb here: 


Sign up for the beta here: 


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