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Work From Home
Successful Home Business Entrepreneuring. ~ It's not just an American dream. It's a very real global reality. Self-employed since 2007 and loving it!   ♦♦♦  Express Yourself! ( )  ♦♦♦  
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Blackhat Sparrow

Blackhat Sparrow | Work From Home |
Morning Shipmates! Sailing the choppy high seas of internet marketing, can be a hazardous and stormy affair. Most sea captains find themselves shipwrecked within a few weeks, and are left clinging to...
Treathyl Fox's insight:

This site just started following my Tumblr blog and nothing could please me more.  It turns out it has information that can answer a lot of my questions.  The aim of the blog is to "help novice seafarers, navigate through the stormy seas and land on the treasure island of internet riches."  (Borrowed the quote from the blog description.)  I was going to scoop one post but had difficulty choosing which one.  So here's the URL for the entire blog!

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On (Un)organized Consumption

On (Un)organized Consumption | Work From Home |

I complain about not being able to manage my streams of information. I read how internet curators, like Brainpicker, sift through so much to find interesting things -- so we don't have to.

Via Ally Greer
Treathyl Fox's insight:

Pairing Scoop.It with another publishing platform, like Wordpress or Tumblr, makes for a happy marriage. 

Ally Greer's curator insight, March 18, 2013 1:49 PM

Cheri Lucas Rowlands's thoughts on the "labyrinthine-ness of the web" are extremely interesting and thought provoking.

There are so many curators who dedicate their time sifting through feed after feed, article after article, to find the best content on their subject of expertise and share it with their audience. Naturally, these curators coexist with the readers - those who have no desire to go through all of the noise and simply want the best content delivered to them. 

This pairing will be the future of information consumption. In a world where millions of pieces of content are published to the web every single day, the algorithm will slowly become obsolete and the human curator will take over.

We've given this a try with our new app, and can't wait to see how information consumption will change when the content discovery is fueled by a community of experts.

Are you a curator or a reader?

Treathyl Fox's comment, March 19, 2013 11:37 AM
"This pairing will be the future of information consumption." I rather like the sound of that.
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Express Yourself! | My Tumblr Blog

Express Yourself! | My Tumblr Blog | Work From Home |

Welcome to Express Yoursefl!  My Tumblr Blog created to support my freelance work and home business projects.

Treathyl Fox's insight:

Tumblr is a super easy platform.  Unlike Wordpress, this platform does not have a CMS (content management system), but its simplified microblogging process makes it a winner!  Rather than choose between Tumblr and Wordpress - I'm faithful to both!

Treathyl Fox's curator insight, September 4, 2013 2:23 PM

My discovery of the Tumblr blogging platform was accidental.  I noticed that there were a lot of artists and photographers and erroneously assumed that nobody else published there.  I was wrong!  Never been so happy to own up to my mistakes.  Created this blog in 2012 and am still experimenting with its wide range of features.  YAHOO recently acquired Tumblr.  That was a good business decision.