Website Speed: 14 Rules For Faster-Loading Websites [Infographic] | Wordpress | Web-building |
Are you struggling with website speed? This infographic provides 14 website speed optimizing tips that could be very useful for getting that solved today.


If you are struggling with website speed issues, check out the 14 rules for a faster-loading websites listed in this infographic. In addition to these things, make sure your plugins are all updated. You can check your logs to see what is hogging your resources if you notice your site locks up at certain times. You can also call your hosting company because many times they will have a standard list of helpful optimization tips which they can email you. The best piece of advice I can give you is don’t give up. The problem of website speed can be solved. It just takes a commitment to solve the problem. Richard has convinced me that nothing is impossible, and I’ve seen him solve complex website issues here at Bit Rebels which I thought were unsolvable. You can definitely do it too!