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The Clothing Bank mission is to "Empower Unemployed Mothers Through Enterprise Development so that they can become Financially and Socially Independent".  Founded in 2010 by Tracey Chambers (CEO) and Tracey Gilmore (COO), in response to the growing problem of unemployment amongst single mothers and the lack of support that they receive from the father of their children.We believe that if you help a mother you help a child. 

South Africa faces some major obstacles to address the injustices of the past and ensure that everyone participates in the economy.  At the centre of these challenges is the failing education system.  58% of children do not complete school meaning that formal employment is not an option for them as many corporates use Grade 12 as an entry level requirement for even the most basic job.  Unemployment rates are reported at between 25-30% and when you analyse this further you will find that unemployment amongst youth is reported at 56% with 2.8m youth being unemployed and unemployment amongst women is reported at 48%.  Of all mothers in South Africa, 40% are single and for single mothers unemployment rates are over 60%. Less than 50% of father’s contribute anything towards their child’s welfare, which leaves the single mother with no choice but to rely on the state for welfare.  Child grants are R280 per month per child and with an average of 2 children per household, families are surviving on welfare of R560pm.  1L of milk and 1 loaf of bread would cost R20 per day or R600 per month, so this means that if you are a child raised by a single mother, you are highly likely to live in poverty with little prospects for your future.