Talia Frenkel Founder L condoms: Safe Sex is a Human Right | Ogunte | Women Social Innovators | Scoop.it

It was in my job as a photographer that my mind was first opened to the human cost of HIV/AIDS. My assignments documenting the effects of this epidemic, specifically its toll on women and girls, left me with an anger that I needed to channel in a productive way. [...]

Every day, countless lives are lost to a disease prevented by something that can be bought in any western convenience store. It is unacceptable to me that condoms - a basic tool for HIV prevention and contraception - are not available to all. Where someone lives in the world should not determine whether they live or die from this disease.

I have since dedicated myself to the making of L. Safe sex is our human right, and L. is an option for us to take that stand in a way that resonates with our day-to-day lives. Follow on Twitter: @LovebeginswithL