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The Values of “Insightfully Aware” Leaders

The Values of “Insightfully Aware” Leaders | Wise Leadership | Scoop.it

The ability to identify and communicate values is critical to self-awareness and leadership development.

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen, Roger Francis, Jose Luis Anzizar
Lisa McCarthy's curator insight, September 22, 5:24 AM

An “insightfully aware” leader has a profound and clear understanding of his or her purpose and the reasons behind it. Self-awareness of values helps leaders to reflect upon their emotions, goals, needs and motives. Individuals who are able to identify and articulate their values will generate meaningful insights about how they see themselves, the circumstances they face, the behaviours they display, and their potential reactions to specific situations. Comprehending their values (personal, work and organisational) enables leaders to know and accomplish what they believe is important. 

Steve Bax's curator insight, September 22, 10:28 AM

Very good article scooped by Kenneth Mikkelsen. Well worth reading about the 'Values Types and the Personal Values System' which shows the 12 Values Types identified too. 

Debra Pittam's curator insight, September 23, 7:18 PM

Indeed it is

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Why Trust is the New Core of Leadership - Forbes

Why Trust is the New Core of Leadership - Forbes | Wise Leadership | Scoop.it
Not long ago, most discussions of leadership were about leaders – their personality traits, how to identify and groom those with ‘leadership potential,’ and what were the skills that leaders employed.

Via Maria Rachelle, Katherine Bryant
Zian Peak's curator insight, May 6, 10:49 AM

I dont believe it's the new core, it's been there all along, perhaps we are only just taking notice. Do you agree?

Nancy J. Herr's curator insight, June 1, 8:37 AM

Collaboration and Shared Leadership are the norm in schools today. At the base of success with these tools is trust.

Mercedes Jahn's curator insight, June 1, 11:06 AM

Trust is the invisible and powerful  life "glue"