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Le Marche: Land of Wines

Le Marche: Land of Wines | Wines and People |

Marche is an explosion of color, living Fauvism.

You’ll feel stupefied by such beauty, as you will by the wines of this region.
Juicy, tasteful, full bodied but subtle wines, marked by the inner story of this land. Every wine is a manifesto of a particular place, maybe where the Romans planted the first vineyard or where only few vignerons are still cultivating an ancient grape that none will ever know. And we have to thank them, because after years of perfecting their techniques, of searching for clones and selecting vines, we are all happy to enjoy the results of their endeavors, and we are not only speaking about great white wines like Verdicchio, but also about Sangiovese, Lacrima di Morro (produced exclusively in the village of Morro d’Alba), Montepulciano and Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, all native and ready to be discovered with a great Marche wine tour!

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Beautiful Photos.
Wines and People
( There are so many good wines in the world and so few well-known winemakers, especially in Le Marche
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