Alberto Serenelli: the man of Rosso Conero | Wines and People |

At the beginning of the twentieth century and until 1960, in the region Marche, the cultivation of the grape-vine was not represented by a particular vineyard. As a matter of fact you could find rows of vineyards metres apart among them, planted in the so called “mixed cultivation”: wheat, beetroot, barley. Back in those years, farming satisfied the nourishment necessary to a farmer’s family, who was quite isolated compared to the actual social context. In this ground, on the slope of the Mount Conero, (667m. Above sea level), Alberto Serenelli Sr. was born in 1895. He grew up fond of the grape-vine cultivation, especially the Montepulciano vineyard which vinified in pureness, unusual even in the 30s and 40s, when the wine used to be only the result of a miscellaneous of grapes. Thanks to the studies made as agrarian technician, Alberto Serenelli Sr. was able to experiment, with knowledge, that the grapes of
Montepulciano grown in the soils overlooking the Mount Conero, allowed to obtain a wine of extraordinary strength and intensity, deep in color and full in the taste which reminds of cherry fruit.
His son, Cesare Serenelli, inherited ...