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In the process of raisining, some berries are infected by a gray mould that causes almost total desiccation of the berries, thus attributing quite peculiar sense and sought-after flavours to the wine. The selection of berries is very meticulous and it is not an easy wine to attain, but its bouquet, it s smoothness to the palate, the great balance, its unique taste make of it a great wine for meditation.
Once the grapes are discarded and then pressed their yield is 7-8 litres per 100 kg of freshly picked grapes.
The grapes are strung up in individual bunches and over 4 months in rooms where, from time to time, the fireplace is lit for smoking. Some bunches, or even individual berries are, in specific years and peculiar conditions, infected by Grey Mould. These are selected manually selected and pressed separately with a maximum yield of 10% of the harvest. The outcome is unique nectar that seeps in 110 litre demi-barriques for 36 months before reaching its peak. The unfiltered result is then bottled.
The berries: these are the hand-selected ones, infected with the grey mould.
Annual Production: 300 to 500 500ml bottles
Colour: Deep amber.
Perfume: Intense, complex, yellow fruit, ripe compote, traces of spices.
Flavour: Sweet, pleasantly balanced, constant.
Serving Suggestions: medium-size goblets, 14°C, best after airing.
Goes well with: excellent by itself, dry sweets, fruit jam-tarts, cheese.