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The Le Marche weekend was a nice and long one. We had time to cook at our friends house as well as go out to eat. I love to browse around even in the local supermarkets, everything looks exotic and they also follow the seasons in terms of eating and if it isn’t in season, why eat it? It is the same at the markets where they had artichokes and broad beans in abundance and asparagus is coming in to season, still a little on the pricey side but give it a couple of weeks more. 
We went for a drive in the beautiful mountains and came across a winery. On the off chance we stopped to see if we could have a taste and pick some really nice wines up for the evening. We didn’t realise that we had come across Fattoria Dezi, one of the best wineries in Italy! Well officially selected the best Italian winery in 2008.
This is a family company, run with true passion for the region, the land and the grapes. This is reflected in the names for the wines bringing Le Marche to the world through the distribution. Needless to say we bought bottles, red and white and we had a great evening!