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( There are so many good wines in the world and so few well-known winemakers, especially in Le Marche
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Scooped by Mariano Pallottini!

Tasting Le Marche - Centanni Family of Wines

Tasting Le Marche - Centanni Family of Wines | Wines and People |

Last week and Tuesday night (with one more session next Tuesday night), we learned about and started tasting wines from the Italian wine area Le Marche. Our host (and wine supplier) was Jonathan Zeiger of ZGR Imports. The region is in the central area on the east coast of Italy. Up first for tasting were two wines, a white and a red, from the Centanni Family of Wines.

Centanni Family of Wines is ZGR’s first brand. This family-owned, boutique winery is located in Montefiore dell’Aso, of the Ascoli Piceno province. Winemaking has been the family craft for over a century, the business name translating literally to 100 Years. Their estate vineyards are Certified Organic by the EU governing body. The Centanni Family  utilize VinoLok glass tops, which eliminate the risk of cork taint, allow for easy opening and resealing, and minimize additional oxidation on an open bottle. They were certainly a surprise when we peeled back the top wrapping. 
Tasting Notes:
Pecorino 2012, Offida D.O.C.G. [...]

Rosso di Forca 2012, Rosso Piceno D.O.C. [...]

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Scooped by Mariano Pallottini!

Family Wines Le Marche:Vini Centanni, Montefiore dell'Aso

Family Wines Le Marche:Vini Centanni, Montefiore dell'Aso | Wines and People |

Centanni wines, all organic certified, are produced by a family team in Le Marche region near the beautiful, historic village of Montefiore dell' Aso. The family produces a small range of wines typical of the Le Marche region as the white Passerina, Pecorino and a lovely red Rosso Piceno, which is only produced in the southern area of the Le Marche region.

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