Artisans of  Wine Le Marche: Vini Dianetti, Carassai | Wines and People |

Dianetti Wines is a small winery in Carassai, Le Marche. Dianetti is so small that we can call him a wine artisan but you must better consider smaller wineries because they make better wines and you know why?
Larger wineries don’t need to be as good. Success in the wine business is measured by how well you can sell your product, not how good your product is. Larger wineries have a big advantage when it comes to distributing their products.
For Small wineries, the product have to be better, they spend money on the product and not on marketing.
Big wineries must fill a big demand. The small wineries can, for example, pick and choose its grapes and the larger wineries are forced to buy huge quantities.
The smaller wineries have some cost advantages. Larger wineries are big corporations, with a department for this and a department for that. All that cost needs to get passed on to the consumer. Smal winery don’t have any personnel.