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Tenuta Colle del Giglio use the "batonnage" technique for some of their products.
Batonnage originates from France and consists in the mixing of the wine inside the small barrels (barrique) by means of a mixing stick ( baton in French) that moves the lees, i.e. the sediments which settle at the bottom, causing them to come to the surface in suspension. "Batonnage" is done for a few minutes weekly for at least six months. The 'baton' is a steel bar with some chains attached to its end, so that all the parts of the barrique can be reached by rotating it.
The use of this technique improves the quality of the wine as, besides giving it a better structure, it increases its elegance, the aroma complexity and flavor. The wines treated with this technique tend to be more delicate, less astringent, with less aggressive tannins while, at the same time, mellow and wrapping. Batonnage gives the wine more body and improves its longevity.