Andrea e Leopardo Felici - Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore | Wines and People |

Organic Verdicchio from the territory of Apiro in the Macerata Province of Le Marche in central Italy.

This Verdicchio has been classified among the best wines of Le Marche.

Beautiful straw yellow with golden highlights, luminescent and a good consistence. A complex aroma of exotic fruits and cedar, elder broom, lemon flowers, wild fennel, melissa and thyme, finally mineral of flint. To the taste it is intense and savory, fresh, warm and persistent. Pairing with Coniglio in Porchetta.

(AIS Marche Review)

Vine: Verdicchio grapes 100%

Alcohol: 13%

Bottles produced: 25.000

Price: 8,00 €