Anghelos, Tenuta De Angelis, among the best wines of the piceno area | Wines and People |

Anghelos, from the Tenuta De Angelis, was one of the first wines produced in Offida, the heart of the Piceno grape-growing and wine-producing region.
The combination of the local red grapes, Montepuiciano and Sangiovese. with Cabernet Sauvignon provides the perfect balance between the classic and sophisticated.

  • BLEND OF GRAPES: Montepulciano 70%. Cabernet Sauvignon 25%. Sangiovese 5%
  • TERRAIN: Average textured soil. tending to clay between 200 and 35C) metres altitude in Offida.
  • VINIFICATION (Wine making process): Traditional with maceration of thesijdns for 15-20 days in steel silos.
  • REFINEMENT OF WINE: In wine barreis for 12- 15 months, then in bottles for approximately 9 months.
  • ORGANOLEPIIC CHARACTERISTICS: Rich, intense colour, tending to mauvish, full-body flavours ranging from black cherry and black currant with a hint of spice.
  • GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: Perfect with red meat and game, fresh pasta and macaroni, to be served at a temperature below 18°.