Wine and People from Le Marche: Vini Montesanto, Potenza Picena | Wines and People |

For years now Montesanto has been for its quality wines, its activity began in i968 when several local wine producers felt the necessity to form a Society. Today there are more than 210 producers who work within the area of vineyards measuring i90 hectares extending among the hills of Recanati, Loreto, Potenza Picena, Montelupone, Morrovalle, Civitanova Alta, Macerata, Montecassiano, Treia and Montefano.
Montesanto operates on an elementary organized basis, the producer, assisted by an expert, controls the vineyards until harvesting in order to obtain select wholesome grapes essential base for the subsequent transformation of the product into wine. The transformation obtained by modern wine making techniques based on the gentle pressing of the fruit and the utilization of a cold temperature for fermentation process, gives way to a high quality product.