71% of wine shoppers are looking for a bargain. It seems that price and perceived value are of more importance every day.


Leo Burnett's SocialShop report delves into how most of us are buying on price and how social media influences our decisions.


So, what can we learn? Lots. If you're marketing online, whether it be wine or something else, then you really need to understand what your different consumers groups need.


How are you influencing the different groups to make your product the one that they want? If it's wine, how are you pushing out the message about your value and deals? What are the comaprisson sites saying about your products?


Food for thought. @drinksbusiness and eMarketing Mixology have quite different takes on it.




There's the main presentation and there's also one to help categorise the different types of shopper: http://www.slideshare.net/LeoBurnettWorldwide/peopleshop


There's also a prettier, more graphic version of the report: http://www.slideshare.net/LeoBurnettWorldwide/social-shopping-12931723


Read and keep.