Te Kairanga Martinborough Pinot Noir for AU$12 a bottle. | Wine in the World | Scoop.it

It's not often that I post up offers, but this one really is worthwhile at $12 per bottle (Aussie $).


OK, so it's not usually $35 like the advert says, more like $23, or even $20 on offer, but certainly not $12. So, it's around about half price, which is good, but I do hate the way that companies feel the need to exagerate the original price, as if we can't use Google.


So, what's it like? I have no idea, as I've never tasted it. Bob Campbell MW, who knows a bit about Kiwi wines, reviewed the 2009 and says: "Fresh cherry and plum fruit flavours with a hint of spicy oak. Appealing sweet fruit and a smooth texture are this wine’s greatest assets. Great value at this price [~$20]." Sounds like a Martinborough Pinot, rich dark cherries backed up with a touch of new oak. Yum.


The winery are currently on the 2010 vintage and this is the 2009, so it's probably a clearance line. That shouldn't be a problem with a Martinborough Pinot, as long as it's been stored well.


I've grabbed myself a case and maybe I'll find time to review it when it arrives.


Let me know if you decide to buy any. I don't get any referral fees, but I'd like to know.