Franciacorta +25%, almost 14 million bottles | Wine, history and culture... |

In 2012, the Franciacorta consolidates its position with a positive performance, and counter that registered a volume growth of 25% compared to 2011, a consumption value of almost € 270 million (average price bottle 19.41 €, tax included ) and 13.85 million bottles sold.

"We are pleased with the results this year, growth has increased consistently in volumes and values, keeping constant the average price per bottle," said Maurizio Zanella, president of the Consortium Franciacorta, commenting on the figures for 2012 obtained by the Observatory economics, the survey tool set for over a year in the Franciacorta Consortium which collects data of certain companies.

On the market, moreover, the demand has expressed a growing consensus towards the Rosé, which does detect an increase of 50%, and on Satèn, which corresponds to about 10% of total production.

Via Grande Passione