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Perhaps you’ve been in this situation before: You’ve been put in charge of picking wine for your date or even more stressful: at a business dinner. How do you order from the wine list and not look like an idiot?

The goal is simple, learn how to order wine that not only pleases your dining partner but works great with the food. Also, avoid embarrassing moments during “The Wine Presentation” by knowing what’s expected of you. Learn how to order wine like a sommelier.

Tip One - Assess The Scene
Imagine you’re seated in a steakhouse at a somewhat rigid business dinner. The low-lighting and dark mahogany exudes class and serious business dealings. Is this the place for a lightly frizzante Gruner Veltliner? I think not.
Dude. Where are you? Assessing the scene will help you pick a style of wine. The scene goes beyond what you’re eating. Where are you? Who are you with? How do you want to feel. Drinking wine is your opportunity to define the moment. Is this a Chardonnay moment or something more brooding… like Nebbiolo.

The Best Wine For The Mood

“Light & Fruity” - If the sun is still shining and you are just starting the night, a light and fruity wine is perfect because it’s easy to drink.“Light & Earthy” - The intellectuals wine. Light and earthy wines have subtle flavors and complex aromatics. They are great for slow drinkers.“Bold & Fruity” - The classic “Crowd Pleaser” wine. These wines work great to satisfy large groups where preferences are diverse.“Bold & Earthy” - Serious business. The black coffee of wine.

Learn the basic wine characteristics to discover your favorite styles of wine.

Via Mariano Pallottini