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The Science of Wine Tasting in Infographics

The Science of Wine Tasting in Infographics | Wine and the City - |

A great explanation of the how we humans taste and how to use this information to taste wine. Learn the reasoning behind why we taste wine, the way we do.

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Mariano Pallottini's curator insight, August 14, 2015 5:17 PM

These are wonderful qualities about wine tasting. Although the experience is unique to every individual, wine doesn’t care about your gender, age (although we care that you’re of age!), status, or any other so called qualifier in life… Anyone can sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. I’d like to recommend you do that now, if you aren’t already doing it. So tell me, what’s in your glass?

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Oxygen and Wine Aging

Oxygen and Wine Aging | Wine and the City - |

The truth about oxygen and wine. New research has shown a 'sweet spot' for wine drinkers when it comes to aging wine in the bottle.

The Good
There is an obvious ‘sweet spot’ to the preferred level of oxygen in a bottle of wine when you drink it. Tasters prefer wines with no more than 6 ppm of oxygen (and usually less) in the bottle.
The wines at this level tasted better than other samples with too much or too little oxidation.

The Bad
Wines that had too little oxygen (reductive) tasted ‘foxy’, as in licking a dog. Over-oxidized had more cooked fruit flavors, were flat and lacked complexity.
The differences were more obvious (even to a novice) in white wine than in red wine. [...]

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WIne aging 101... The role of oxygen

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Map of Italian Wine Regions

Map of Italian Wine Regions | Wine and the City - |

Italy is like no other wine producing country on the planet as the range of grape varietals is mindboggling. This diversity of grapes and wine styles, combined with such extremely diverse micro climates and the highest percentage of architectural heritage on the planet, makes Italy utterly unique and a pleasure to visit. It is a country you go back to over and over, and for wine lovers the spectrum of new wines to explore is bewitching.[...]

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Bordeaux Wines | What You Don't Know About Bordeaux (VIDEO)

Bordeaux Wines | What You Don't Know About Bordeaux (VIDEO) | Wine and the City - |

Did you know that you can get an excellent bottle of Bordeaux for less than 15 bucks? Most people associate Bordeaux wine with a high price tag, but the truth is the majority of wines produced in Bordeaux are not First Growths or Grand Crus. They are from small producers making affordable and accessible wines that pair with every occasion from a typical Tuesday night to Thanksgiving dinner.

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Regis Chaigne's curator insight, November 27, 2013 8:58 AM

Thanks Monique for your awesome job.

You reflect perfectly the paradox of our appellations :

You can easily find a lot of gems there, but few people are looking for them...

DiscoverVin's curator insight, January 11, 2014 3:35 PM

nice vid