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Wind power, the most developed in 2012 in Mexico

Wind power, the most developed in 2012 in Mexico | Renewables Mexico |

As part of a growing culture of sustainability and renewable energy, energy activity in Mexico in 2012 was highlighted by a boost of wind projects in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

During the last federal administration, which ended on November 30, highlighted the launch of the new National Energy Strategy (ENE) from 2012 to 2026, in which it is proposed that 35 percent of the country's energy source is sustainable.

As a result, Mexico closed the year with a portfolio of renewable energy equivalent to 600 million dollars in several stages, according to ProMéxico.

This made it possible to frequent Expos and conventions on the subject that took place in the country, as 'Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress', amongst others.

For now, during the last federal administration, wind power was the most support received, it went from a capacity of three megawatts (MW) to 300 MW thousand in early November, a figure that could reach an estimated two thousand MW at the end of 2012.

In particular, in the year to the most important investment was the wind field Oaxaca II, III and IV, by Acciona, which added to the complex Eurus represent about 65 percent of the installed wind capacity in the country .

In sum, according to data from Acciona, all fields operated by the Spanish company has an installed capacity of 556.5 MW, with the commissioning of 204 1.5 MW wind turbines that were added to the existing field Eurus.

Also independently Bimbo companies like Nestlé and raided the farm of wind farms for generation of electricity they consume, so that just over 85 percent of its electricity is generated by wind.

According to the Initiative for Renewable Energy Development in Mexico, published last November, wind power stands as the greatest potential offers 50 Gigawatts with load factors above 20 percent.

Such data, which can be found in the above paragraph lead in Wind Energy, has been found by the Electric Power Research Institute, Vestas and the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain.

Given the projected costs of wind power, raised in that initiative and that will be the challenge to assume for the new administration, we propose the development of a National Plan that allows the use of 12 GW wind by 2020.

The use of 12 GW wind competitive would impact the Bruno domestic product (GDP) of 167 billion pesos, equivalent to 1.1 percent of GDP in 2011 and the creation of 48,000 jobs directly or indirectly.

Moreover, solar energy could provide a growth in the first months of 2013 because there is a greater number of companies interested in investing in this energy source in the country.

According to ProMéxico, the country has one of the most exploitable insolation conditions in the world, especially in the Northeast, where there is a high potential to be almost no cloudy days, which adds to the fact that the cost of technology is falling, making this increasingly profitable source.

For now there is a deal for the French company Heliotrop build a solar power pilot in Sonora with funding of 620,000 euros, equivalent to approximately 10.4 million pesos.

According to the announcement by the CEO of Heliotrop, Bellavoine Pal, the project started with a phase of industrial development on which construction takes place, for summer 2013, a demonstrator module 30 kilowatts / hour ( kWh)

For now there is a call made by the National Solar Energy Association (ANES) to the incoming administration to trigger and promote the use of renewable energies like solar.

This will include proposals to encourage the use of more and more solar systems is to establish a financial interest with a range of 13 to 15 percent annually, with a down payment of 25 percent and would encourage the use of this source alternative energy.

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Renewables Mexico
All the latest news from the Mexican renewable energy market in the run up to MIREC2013!
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North American Windpower: Iberdrola Signs Collaboration Deal With Mexican Government, Plans $5B Investment

North American Windpower: Iberdrola Signs Collaboration Deal With Mexican Government, Plans $5B Investment | Renewables Mexico |

Iberdrola and the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission, a government-owned electric utility, have entered into a collaboration agreement for the completion of joint renewable and conventional generation projects. In addition, the two companies will exchange information on implementing new technologies and managerial experiences.

Iberdrola says the agreement strengthens its commitment to Mexico, where it has an operating capacity of over 5.2 GW in wind farms and combined-cycle power plants. To help develop this agreement, the company plans to boost its presence in the Mexican energy market by investing some $5 billion between this year and 2018.

Iberdrola says its willingness to invest in Mexico is based on the good prospects of the country's Energy Reform, under which the government calls for about $25.5 billion in investment for electricity generation alone by the year 2020.

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En 2018, la cuarta parte de MW será 'verde'

En 2018, la cuarta parte de MW será 'verde' | Renewables Mexico |

En 2018, uno de cada cuatro megawatts generados será limpio, gracias a la inversión de 22,000 millones de dólares (mdd) que se hará en los próximos años, señaló Leonardo Beltrán, subsecretario de Planeación y Transición Energética.

Entrevistado luego de clausurar los trabajos del Foro Internacional de Energías Renovables, el funcionario federal remarcó que en la parte de capacidad, “vamos a tener casi 33% de instalaciones” para generar energía de este tipo.

Actualmente, expuso, la generación de energías renovables es de 15%, es decir, “vamos casi a duplicar la capacidad instalada en el país, un avance muy agresivo que consolida la visión del gobierno actual”.

El funcionario de la Secretaría de Energía (Sener) refirió que se conformó un proceso consultivo en el que participan la academia, la sociedad civil, legisladores y el sector privado para identificar el pronóstico del sector y alcanzar los objetivos en energías renovables.

Asimismo, añadió que el objetivo de acuerdo con la ley para las energías renovables y el financiamiento de la transición energética, es alcanzar una generación de electricidad de 35% a partir de fuentes no fósiles para 2024.


Beltrán Rodríguez afirmó que los beneficios se verán reflejados al crearse entre 5,000 y 20,000 empleos: “Se trata de 10,000 empleos nuevos por cada 10,000 gigawatts-hora que se generan en el año”.

Por otra parte, resaltó que actualmente México aprovecha menos de 10% de los recursos renovables.

Ejemplificó que el país cuenta con “de 10,000 kilómetros que podemos aprovechar con diferentes tecnologías, por lo que este año se está evaluando la posibilidad de tener un centro de innovación dedicado a tecnologías del océano”.

En tanto, refirió que hoy México, junto a Islandia, ocupa el cuarto lugar a nivel mundial en energía geotérmica, ya que los primeros lugares los tienen Estados Unidos, Indonesia, Filipinas.

México es el mayor producto en América Latina de energía geotérmica y en este nuevo marco jurídico que se planteó con la reforma energética, se trata de consolidar al país como líder en la región para continuar como uno de los primeros cinco a nivel mundial, subrayó.

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Onyx Solar has carried out the installation of the first photovoltaic façade of Mexico, in Monterrey

Onyx Solar has carried out the installation of the first photovoltaic façade of Mexico, in Monterrey | Renewables Mexico |

FEMSA headquarters, the main and world’s largest Coca-Cola bottler, has been dressed with a new photovoltaic façade, in collaboration with Bioconstrucción, a consulting firm specialized in unique sustainable projects.  

Mounted on a structure which is invisible from the building, the project consists of a photovoltaic second glass skin comprised of 400 units of photovoltaic glass modules in large format with a 20% transparency degree.

The project preserves the architectural and aesthetic values of the building. In addition, it generates 17,200 kWh per year and avoids the emission into the atmosphere of 7 tons of CO2 annually.

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Con reforma habrá más centrales de energía renovable: Ochoa Reza

Con reforma habrá más centrales de energía renovable: Ochoa Reza | Renewables Mexico |

Con la reforma energética, México podrá construir y tener los beneficios de más centrales de energías renovables, señaló el director general de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), Enrique Ochoa Reza.

Durante una visita de supervisión a la Central Geotermoeléctrica Cerro Prieto en Mexicali, Baja California, indicó que esta geotérmica es la segunda más grande del mundo en su tipo, con una capacidad instalada de 570 megawatts (MW), utilizando la fuerza del vapor para generar energía eléctrica.

Expuso en un comunicado que la CFE está comprometida para impulsar proyectos de generación eléctrica que sean amigables con el medio ambiente.

El campo geotérmico Cerro Prieto se localiza en el Valle de Mexicali, en Baja California, cuenta con 164 pozos productores, y es el segundo más grande del mundo después de Geysers en Estados Unidos.

Alejandro Pinero's insight:

Dr. Enrique Ochoa Reza, CFE Director general, will deliver a keynote at the Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress,

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México tiene como objetivo aumentar la generación de energía renovable para buscar una mayor competitividad.

México tiene como objetivo aumentar la generación de energía renovable para buscar una mayor competitividad. | Renewables Mexico |
Información de actualidad y oportunidades de negocio para la energía solar fotovoltaica, térmica y renovables. Autoconsumo y eficiencia del nuevo modelo energético.

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KW15 | Massachusetts companies selected for 30 MW solar PV plant in Mexico - SolarServer

KW15 | Massachusetts companies selected for 30 MW solar PV plant in Mexico - SolarServer | Renewables Mexico |

Three companies from the U.S. state of Massachusetts will participate in a 30 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Mexico. The ZacSol PV project in the Mexican state of Zacatecas has been announced as part of an “innovation partnership” between Mexico and the U.S. state.

Solectria Renewables LLC (Lawrence, Massachusetts, U.S.) will supply inverters to the project, while the Vertex Companies Inc. (Weymouth, Massachusetts, U.S.) will lead permitting and construction management. Panel Claw (North Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.) will supply components to the ZacSol plant.

“I congratulate VERTEX, Panel Claw and Solectria on this historic agreement that will bring economic growth to Massachusetts while fostering the global clean energy economy,” said Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

“We have opened up the doors of Massachusetts to the world, and today Massachusetts companies are competing on the international stage and winning.”

CFE to buy power

Mexican partners for the ZacSol project include Constructora e Inmobiliaria Zacatecana SA de CV and Grupo Domos Internacional SA de CV (Monterrey, Mexico). The project has not received final approval.

Mexican state utility Federal Electricity Commission (CFE, Mexico City) will purchase the electricity generated by the ZacSol plant.

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México, al borde de un ‘boom’ en energía solar

México, al borde de un ‘boom’ en energía solar | Renewables Mexico |

México es un país con muchos recursos para el desarrollo de la energía solar. La radiación solar promedio en México supera en un 60 por ciento a la de Alemania, el mayor mercado del mundo en energía solar. Este potencial atrae a muchos inversores que permiten que la industria solar comience a despegar definitivamente.


Las regiones más soleadas de México se encuentran en el norte del país. Y es precisamente ahí donde las empresas locales y extranjeras han acumulado permisos iniciales para la puesta en marcha de plantas de energía solar de 215 megavatios.


Según datos de Bloomberg New Energy Finance, México espera completar este año proyectos de energía solar a gran escala de hasta 70 megavatios. Para 2014, la cifra aumenta a 125 megavatios, mientras que la energía solar en 2015 llegará a 120 megavatios más. El Ministerio de Energía pronostica que México alcance la capacidad solar en 2.170 megavatios a finales de la década. El ‘boom’ solar en México no ha hecho más que empezar.

Via Oriol Brunet
Oriol Brunet's curator insight, January 17, 4:19 AM

Obtenga toda la información y los contactos necesarios para avanzar en sus proyectos de Energía Solar en México participando en el MIREC 2014, la cumbre más importante en el sector de renovables de todo México. Visite para más información o póngase en contacto directamente.

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Iberdrola apuesta a México - CNN Expansión

Iberdrola apuesta a México - CNN Expansión | Renewables Mexico |

Una de las mayores felicitaciones que recibió el presidente de México, Enrique Peña Nieto, durante la reunión a puerta cerrada que tuvo con empresarios en el marco del Foro Económico Mundial en Davos fue la del CEO de Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán.


El ejecutivo de una de las principales empresas de energía del mundo dijo que las acciones emprendidas por el actual Gobierno de México y las reformas aprobadas por el Congreso se aprecian más en el extranjero que en al interior del país.


En la reunión a la que según nuestras fuentes acudieron los directores y ejecutivos de 70 multinacionales, el CEO de Iberdrola destacó que México está viviendo una “revolución silenciosa” que lleva a la compañía española a invertir unos 1,500 millones de dólares y que en breve podría anunciar un paquete de inversión de entre 5,000 y 7,000 millones de dólares para los próximos años.


De hecho en esta reunión hubo alrededor de 10 reconocimientos a la gestión de Peña Nieto, quién no sólo destacó el potencial de las reformas aprobadas el año pasado, sino que incluyó el futuro de nuevos proyectos como los de la conexión en la zona metropolitana de la Ciudad de México y los trenes en la península de Yucatán y el proyecto de Toluca-Guadalajara.


Tan sólo Javier López, consejero de la constructora española OHL, dijo que en el extranjero hay una mejor percepción de México que en el interior.


Los funcionarios mexicanos dicen en los pasillos, que esta es una de las mejores y efectivas reuniones que han tendió con el sector empresarial del mundo desde que inició la actual administración, el tiempo los dirá.

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A Bright Future for Alternative Energy in Mexico | MEXICAN LAW BLOG

A Bright Future for Alternative Energy in Mexico | MEXICAN LAW BLOG | Renewables Mexico |

espite Mexico’s potential oil boom in the light of its latest energy reforms and the newly approved Hydrocarbons Transboundary Agreement with the U.S., the country remains invested in its alternative energy resources. Currently, only 7% of Mexico’s energy is from renewable sources. Biomass is in the lead with 3.8%, followed by Geothermal at 1.6% and Hydropower at 1.4%. Finally, solar and wind energy sources are 0.1%.

Alejandro Pinero's insight:

Get a full idea of the potential of renewables in Mexico at MIREC2014 (

Marc Kneepkens's curator insight, January 17, 2:57 PM

Great info for Mexican alternative energy.

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Enel secures $300 million for Latin American push | Windpower Monthly

Enel secures $300 million for Latin American push | Windpower Monthly | Renewables Mexico |
Read Enel secures $300 million for Latin American push and other wind energy news & analysis on Windpower Monthly
Alejandro Pinero's insight:

The two $150 million loans from the Spanish bank have been agreed by Enel's subsidiaries in the Latin American countries.


In Chile, the company said it is exploring several concessions with a potential capacity exceeding 100MW.


Enel did not specify its plans in Mexico, but has previously said it intends to add around 200MW of wind capacity in the country before 2016.


As Enel's home market of Italy continued to flounder, the company announced a long term plans in 2012 to target wind opportunities in Brazil, Chile and Mexico.


The firm said it would invest roughly €6.1 billion to add 4.5GW of new capacity, 38% of which should come from emerging markets between 2012 and 2016.


In wind energy — which will account for 57% of all investments in the period — this means projects in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Morocco.

On top of this, the company has identified the potential for the development of 1GW of wind projects in Peru, with Columbia also on Enel's radar.

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Brazil energy auction to feature 3.5GW of solar and 16.42GW of wind power - Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism

Brazil energy auction to feature 3.5GW of solar and 16.42GW of wind power - Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism | Renewables Mexico |
Brazil energy auction to feature 3.5GW of solar and 16.42GW of wind power - Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism
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Make sure you join us at SPG Brasil ( to hear all about the upcoming A-5 auction

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PRO MEXICO | Renewables Mexico |

Legal reforms underway in Mexico will open new opportunities for private investment in the renewable energy sector.

Mexico faces the double challenge of ensuring the energy resources to satisfy an increasing demand for electricity and other fuels and meeting the goals of greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction. According to official data presented in the National Energy Strategy 2013-2027, between 2003 and 2012, proven oil reserves decreased by 31% while probable reserves decreased by 27%. Between 2000 and 2011, energy consumption in Mexico increased at an annual average rate of 2%, higher than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while primary energy production decreased at an annual rate of 0.3%. Should these trends continue in both energy consumption and production, Mexico could have a structural energy deficit by 2020.

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Could Mexico be at the start of a solar boom?

Could Mexico be at the start of a solar boom? | Renewables Mexico |
Mexico is not the first country people usually think of when talking of clean energy, but it has ambitious plans to generate 35% of its energy from clean sources by 2026.
Alois Clemens's curator insight, October 11, 2013 4:37 AM

What do you think?

Marissa Roy's curator insight, October 15, 2013 1:16 PM

Incentives by the government are playing a big role in companies using solar power. Mexico is not the first place people think of when they say "clean energy", but it would certainly improve the environment and the living conditions for the people around.

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Enel Green dará energía eólica a Femsa y Bosch

Enel Green dará energía eólica a Femsa y Bosch | Renewables Mexico |

Enel Green Power, a través de su subsidiaria Dominica Energía Limpia, firmó un Acuerdo de Compra de Energía (PPA, por sus siglas en inglés) con la empresa mexicana FEMSA y Robert Bosch, proveedor líder a nivel global en tecnología y servicios.


Enel Green informó en un comunicado que los contratos de suministro tienen un término de 20 y 15 años respectivamente. La energía eléctrica vendida se generará en la nueva Central de Energía Eólica Dominica II, que se construye actualmente en San Luis Potosí, con una inversión planeada de alrededor de 150 millones de dólares.

Bosch consumirá 25% de la energía que generará este parque para abstener entre 60% y 70% de la energía que requieren sus plantas y centros de distribución, lo cual evitara la emisión de 38,100 toneladas de bióxido de carbono al año, equivalente a las emisiones de CO2 de 7,300 autos.


La nueva central eólica tendrá una capacidad instalada de 100 MW y un factor de carga superior al 30%, evitando la emisión de más de 157 mil toneladas de dióxido de carbono (CO2) a la atmósfera.


Enel Green Power generó más de 20 mil millones de kWh en 2013 a partir del agua, luz solar, viento y la energía geotérmica, suficiente para alcanzar la energía necesaria en más de 10 millones de usuarios domésticos y para evitar la emisión de más de 16 millones de toneladas de CO2 a la atmósfera.

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Oaxaca: Fotovoltaica para familias rurales -

Oaxaca: Fotovoltaica para familias rurales - | Renewables Mexico |

El Programa Luz en Casa Oaxaca busca que para fines de 2016 cerca de 9.000 familias de poblaciones rurales de ese estado tengan cubiertas sus necesidades de energía eléctrica básica a partir de pequeños sistemas fotovoltaicos domiciliarios (PSFD).


Participan de este programa, nacido en 2012, Acciona Microenergía México, el Gobierno del Estado de Oaxaca y, desde 2013, la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo.

Según se afirma en un comunicado, el objetivo es "hacer llegar un servicio eléctrico básico de iluminación a familias pobres, situadas en zonas rurales aisladas de las 808 poblaciones oaxaqueñas, inferiores a 100 habitantes, que no entran en los planes de electrificación mediante extensión de redes por la Comisión Federal de Electricidad".

Los sistemas fotovoltaicos domiciliarios son presentados como de "un formato compacto y de fácil instalación".

Los beneficiarios del programa abonan por mantenimiento durante un año una cuota mensual, asequible a sus economías, y les posibilita 4 horas diarias de iluminación eléctrica con 3 lámparas, carga de móvil y conexión a pequeños aparatos, como radio o televisión. 

Un dato importante es que "las características de los sistemas propician que los propios usuarios, debidamente capacitados, puedan transportar e instalar los equipos, lo que además posibilita que, en caso de avería, los lleven por sí mismos al Centro de Atención al Usuario (CAU) habilitado a tal efecto en un municipio estratégico, dando servicio al área geográfica de influencia. El CAU, a cuyo personal capacita específicamente ACCIONA Microenergía México, desarrolla funciones de asesoramiento, reparación y sustitución de equipos, y venta de productos compatibles con los PSFD".

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EDP Renewables Enters Mexican Wind Market

EDP Renewables Enters Mexican Wind Market | Renewables Mexico |

EDP Renewables (EDPR) says it has entered the Mexican wind energy market, having established a 25-year power purchase agreement for a wind farm it is developing in the country. Mexican mining company Industrias Penoles has signed up to buy energy produced by a wind project that EDPR says is currently designed for 180 MW.

According to the developer, the project, located in the State of Coahuila in the north of Mexico, has an expected load factor above 40%. EDPR adds that it believes Industrias Penoles is a company with a solid financial position and creditworthiness, and the agreement provides EDPR with “an attractive and low-risk opportunity to enter the Mexican market in a sizable and robust way.”

EDPR expects to install the wind farm in 2016. The company did not disclose further details.

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Sempra Unit Finds Mexican Wind Project Partner

Sempra Energy’s Mexican unit announced that it will sell half of its share in a wind project to InterGen NV in Mexico. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals in the U.S. and Mexico.

Infraestructura Energetica Nova SAB (IEnova), the local unit of Sempra Energy, plans to sell 50% of its stake in the 155 megawatt (MW) first phase of Energía Sierra Juarez (“ESJ”) wind project. Located in the Municipality of Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, this project is believed to be the first wind-generation venture between the two countries.

This $300 million first phase of the wind project will employ 47 3.3-MW turbines that are being produced by Vestas Wind Systems A/S. Phase 1 is slated to come online by the first half of 2015. Sempra’s another subsidiary, San Diego Gas & Electric Co., has agreed to buy the electricity from this wind project under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

Sempra is focused on expanding its wind and solar renewable portfolio. In Mar 2014, the company’s subsidiary, Sempra U.S. Gas & Power, entered into an agreement withConsolidated Edison Inc. for the joint ownership and operation of five solar projects in California and Nevada. Together all the facilities will generate 360 MW of electricity. This will help Sempra to meet California’s renewable energy mandate that calls for generating 33% of energy from renewable sources by 2020. The output from these solar farms has been sold under long-term power purchase agreements.

These efforts will enable Sempra Energy to create a well-balanced renewable portfolio in the wind and solar energy sector.

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Fisterra Energy and Blackstone Energy Partners Announce Financial
Close for “Ventika,” Mexico’s Largest Wind Farm

Fisterra Energy and Blackstone Energy Partners Announce Financial <br/>      Close for “Ventika,” Mexico’s Largest Wind Farm | Renewables Mexico |

Fisterra Energy, a company majority owned by funds managed by Blackstone BX +0.87% , and Blackstone Energy Partners, Blackstone’s energy-focused private equity business, today announced it has reached a financial closing for Ventika, Mexico’s largest onshore wind farm upon completion and one of the largest wind farms in Latin America. Ventika will be located in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, approximately 35 miles from the United States border, and is comprised of two 126 megawatt (MW) wind farms with total capacity of 252MW. Once completed the project will alleviate significant demands on Mexico’s existing power infrastructure, helping Mexico reduce pollution and CO2 emissions, and meet its target of achieving 35% renewable generation by 2025.

The $650 million project is being jointly developed by CEMEX, a global building materials company with presence in more than 50 countries, and Fisterra Energy. This investment funds the installation of 84 Acciona AW-3000 wind turbine generators, each with a hub height of 120 meters and a nominal output of 3MW per turbine. Construction of the project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2016, is expected to generate approximately 1,000 jobs and more than 2,000 additional jobs in related industries.

“With the development and construction of Ventika, we will be able to support Mexico in meeting its green energy targets. This project exemplifies the progress and positive impact that can be achieved when private capital works in partnership with government, entrepreneurs and industry.” said Sean Klimczak, Senior Managing Director at Blackstone. “We look forward to being active in the Mexican power generation sector as the country continues to incentivize private investment through its ongoing energy reform.”

"We are delighted to reach this important milestone and are excited to begin construction on Ventika,” said Pedro Barriuso, Fisterra's Chairman and CEO. “We thank our partners, who have shown tremendous dedication to getting this project off the ground and look forward to continuing our work with them.”

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Fisterra Energy and Blackstone in this important project,” said Dr. Luis Farías, CEMEX Vice-President for Energy and Sustainability. “Ventika is an important milestone in our energy strategy as industry pioneers in the use of clean energy and alternative fuels. We look forward to find additional business opportunities in the near future.”

This past year, Blackstone, together with a management team led by Pedro Barriuso, the former Executive Chairman of Element Power and former head of Iberdrola Renewables, formed Fisterra to identify, develop, finance, construct and operate large-scale independent power projects, with a focus in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Ventika will be the first investment made by Fisterra.

About Blackstone Energy Partners:

Blackstone Energy Partners is Blackstone’s energy-focused private equity business, with a successful record built on Blackstone’s industry expertise and partnerships with exceptional management teams. Since its founding in 2012, Blackstone Energy Partners has invested more than $6.6 billion of equity across 18 transactions globally, which range from oil and gas to renewables, natural resources, and power generation.

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IHS: Mexico joins South Africa and Turkey in top three emerging PV markets - PV-Tech

IHS: Mexico joins South Africa and Turkey in top three emerging PV markets - PV-Tech | Renewables Mexico |

Several hundred megawatts of PV projects currently under construction in Mexico are driving the country to third place in the world for attractiveness to investors, developers and manufacturers in the solar industry, according to analysis firm IHS.

IHS Technology has issued the first of 2014’s 'IHS Emerging Solar PV Markets Tracker' reports, surveying the global scene as the first quarter of the year comes to an end. The attractiveness of each region is judged against four key categories; macroeconomic climate, potential market size, pipeline maturity and project profitability.

Emerging solar markets are defined by IHS as countries that are yet to install more than 1GW of PV. The report assesses each country’s PV industry from utility scale to off-grid sized systems, detailing parameters that include policy incentives, regulation, electricity and system prices, pipelines held by developers, key suppliers and financing agreements.

Mexico’s estimated 300MW currently under construction has pushed the central American country into third place. IHS predicts that a total of 327MW of PV generation capacity is expected to be installed in Mexico this year. Mexico’s state-owned utility, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE),announced plans this week to form partnerships with private companies to promote renewable energy generation.

South Africa remains at number one for solar attractiveness, having been put at the top position in the IHS Emerging PV Markets Attractiveness Index in the final quarter of 2013. Number two on the list is Turkey.

Rounding out the top five are Israel in fourth place and Switzerland in fifth. Romania, which was third last year among emerging markets, now slips to number nine in the ranking, mainly due to a halving of government subsidies which was enacted in January.

Other notable conclusions reported by IHS are the inclusion of the Phillippines in this year’s top 10, with around 117MW to be added in the Southeast Asian island nation this year compared to a mere 3MW in 2013, and the revelation that while PV project development in Chile has finally begun to pick up pace, the decision by developers to sell at spot market prices instead of through more competitive power purchase agreements (PPAs) could suppress future power prices.

Explaining the situation in Chile, Josefin Berg, senior analyst at IHS, and one of the report’s two authors, said: “IHS is flagging it as risky that a too-high concentration of PV projects under merchant schemes will suppress future power prices. Close to 1GW of PV projects is looking for financing in Chile, and revenues could face risks even if only a third of those are connected to the same nodes and linked to spot prices.”

IHS also pointed out that emerging markets still carry an element of risk in the ability of transmission grids to reliably add increased renewable energy generation capacity as well as the unpredictable nature of regulatory support schemes. As regulatory support has been cut suddenly and drastically in countries in the west, the IHS report argues there is a risk this could also happen in emerging markets in the near future.

The other author of the report, IHS senior director Ash Sharma, wrote a blog for PV Tech at the end of last year entitled 'Why 2014 PV installation forecasts are all likely to be wrong', after 2014 installation predictions Sharma made were at odds with global forecasts made by rival analysis firm Solarbuzz and Deutsche Bank.

Consultancy firm Ernst & Young on Tuesday released the latest edition of its quarterly Renewable energy country attractiveness index (RECAI) report. Ernst & Young predicts that new markets will boost investment in clean energy this year, citing Uruguay, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya and Ethiopia among countries to watch for.

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Solar Energy in Latin America | The Energy Collective

Solar Energy in Latin America | The Energy Collective | Renewables Mexico |
Latin America is about to find out whether unsubsidized solar can be an economic market reality. You don't need incentives for solar. Any market can grow as long as there is a transparent regulatory process -- along with high tariffs and high DNI.
Alejandro Pinero's insight:

great insight into Latin American markets. GPC runs events in all these countries throughout the year focusing on solar, wind and geothermal energy.

Marc Kneepkens's curator insight, January 28, 11:27 AM

There is huge potential for Solar in Latin America. Let's see what governments will decide and which regulatory processes they'll put in place.

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Why Latin America Will Be A Tough Solar Market To Crack

Why Latin America Will Be A Tough Solar Market To Crack | Renewables Mexico |
Latin America is a shining, promising solar market that will be a lot more difficult to crack.
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Suniva Supplies 1.1 MW Of Modules For Solar Power Project In Mexico

Georgia-based Suniva Inc. has shipped 1.1 MW of its Optimus photovoltaic modules for use in an aircraft maintenance facility in Queretaro, Mexico.

The commercial solar project, owned by Delta TechOps - a joint venture of Delta Air Lines and Grupo Aeromexico - will consist of a modular solar parking canopy system at Aeropuerto Intercontinental de Queretaro. Upon completion, the 3,240 Suniva solar modules are expected to generate approximately 1.4 GWh of solar electricity annually.

The Suniva canopy system will be designed by Intragreen, a subsidiary Queretaro-based Grupo Metal Intra (GMI). The canopy system will incorporate equipment from Cantsink Manufacturing Inc., Shoals Technologies Group and SMA Solar Technology as part of an Export Import Bank-financed export credit project for GMI.

Intragreen is providing the engineering, procurement and construction services, and Suniva is performing systems design and commissioning support. Shipments of the balance-of-system components will occur through January, and the project is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of the year..

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Enel Green Power: work begins on new wind farm in Mexico | REVE

Enel Green Power: work begins on new wind farm in Mexico | REVE | Renewables Mexico |

Enel Green Power has begun construction works on the new Dominica I wind farm in Mexico.


The plant, located in the municipality of Charcas and owned by Dominica Energía Limpia S. de R.L., a subsidiary of Enel Green Power Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (formerly known as Impulsora Nacional de Electricidad S. de R.L. de C.V.) is the first wind farm located in the state of San Luis Potosí and will be composed of 50 turbines (2 MW each) for a total installed capacity of 100 MW.


Once up and running, the Dominica I plant, which will be completed and enter operation in the second half of 2014, will be able to generate up to 260 GWh per year.


The construction of the wind farm, in line with the growth targets set out in Enel Green Power’s 2013-2017 business plan, requires a total investment of approximately 196 million US dollars, financed through the Enel Green Power Group’s own sources.


The project is supported by two long-term agreements to supply energy, or PPAs, for a total value of around 485 million US dollars.

Enel Green Power currently has an installed capacity of about 197 MW in Mexico, 144 MW of which from wind power and 53 MW from hydroelectric sources.

Enel Green Power is the Enel Group company fully dedicated to the development and management of renewable energy sources at the international level, with operations in Europe and the Americas. The company generated more than 25 billion kWh in 2012 from water, sun, wind and the Earth’s heat – enough to meet the energy needs of approx. 10 million households and avoid the emission of over 18 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Enel Green Power is a world leader in the sector thanks to its well-balanced generation mix, providing generation volumes well over the sector average. The company has an installed capacity of approximately 8,700 MW from a mix of sources including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass. Currently, the company has approximately 740 plants operating in 16 countries in Europe and the Americas.


In Latin America, Enel Green Power currently runs renewable energy plants in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Chile and Brazil, with a total installed capacity of 990 MW as of today. Specifically, in the wind sector the company has 24 MW of installed wind capacity in Costa Rica, 144 MW in Mexico and 90 MW in Chile. Enel Green Power is also constructing 9 wind farms of which 2 in Mexico for more than 200 MW, 2 in Chile for an overall 189 MW and 5 in Brazil for a total of 283 MW. With its century-long experience in the field of geothermal energy, Enel Green Power is also developing new opportunities in this sector. In Chile, in particular, the company is exploring several concessions with a potential capacity exceeding 100 MW.

Additionally, in Latin America, operating through Endesa and its subsidiaries in five countries, the Enel Group is the largest private-sector operator, with approx. 16 GW of installed capacity and serving some 14 million customers.

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SENER fortalecerá el uso de la geotermia mediante la implantación de 5 medidas, México | Piensa en Geotermia - Geothermal Energy News

SENER fortalecerá el uso de la geotermia mediante la implantación de 5 medidas, México | Piensa en Geotermia - Geothermal Energy News | Renewables Mexico |
El secretario de energía de México, Licenciado Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, dio a conocer en el “Foro Internacional sobre Energía Geotérmica” cinco iniciativas que podrían suponer un vuelco total en el desarrollo de la geotermia en México.
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We're excited to announce that MIREC2014 will feature an entire stream about Geothermal technology!

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pv magazine Latinoamérica : Solar Coahuila planea iniciar obras de 20 MW en 2014

Bajo la modalidad de autoabastecimiento, el "Parque Solar Coahuila" prodría construirse y ponerse en operación en el segundo semestre del año próximo. La inversión para este proyecto asciende a unos 600 millones de pesos.
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