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15 Subtle Signs She Is A Keeper In A Relationship

15 Subtle Signs She Is A Keeper In A Relationship | WikiYeah |
How to pinpoint signs she is a keeper in a relationship? Check out this list to know for sure that she is a worth-keeping girl!!
Vanessa Tan's insight:
When it comes to relationships, commitment is considered one of the most important aspects that make a relationship work. You cannot treat your love like with games or some sort of leisurely pastime. It is something necessary to be worked at every day. You need to establish, propagate, cultivate and develop your lover over time. There will be a lot of attempt and time goes into making your love worthwhile. But, not many people acknowledge this. They do not want to invest their time and effort too much in a relationship. It also explains why many people, especially men, falter. They do not want to get hurt, but want to act like stones – unbreakable and impenetrable. However, it could be exhausting and tiring when having to suppress the feelings and emotions all the time. It is the reasons why men could not wait to meet the woman that they could be vulnerable with without hesitation. However, how do you know that the girl you are with is the right one for you? How could a man tell when a woman is really the one that he should spend the rest of his life with? How could he know that she is the type of woman that he could let himself to be willingly vulnerable with? The answers to such questions might not come easily. Keep in mind that each relationship is unique and it could be hard to generalize them. But, it does not mean that men could not look for the signs. This article from will show you some signs she is a keeper. By reading this list, you will know if your woman is the one who is worth the effort.
Top 15 Must-Know Signs She Is A Keeper
1. She Does Not Try To Check In With You At Every Second Of The Day
If your woman does not feel that she needs to check in with you at every second of the day in order to see where you are and what you are doing, then this is one of signs she is a keeper. It is partially because she really trusts you and also because she has things to do and she spends her time on doing them.
2. She Is Comfortable In Her Skin
She does not hide who she feels. This girl is confident in what she does. She does not care what people around think about her and does not try her best to (though having to go out of her way) just to please everybody. She understands that at the end of the day, it is much more important to feel secure with the person she really is than seeking for the approval of other people.
3. She Does Not Hide Her Feelings
This is one of subtle signs she is a keeper. She does not hide how she feels. With her, you always understand where she stands because she trusts you enough to show her emotions with you. You never have to second-guest her intentions or her personality. [Read: 6 Kinds of Men Who Have Given Women Trust Issues]
4. She Is a Book Lover
It is a great idea to date a book lover. The person who reads is the one who is intelligent, open-minded, adventurous, and imaginative. Dating a book lover means that you are doing yourself a favor.
5. She Tries To Find Common Ground With The Ones Who Are Important In Your Life
At least, she always tries to find the common ground with everyone who is important in your life, be it your siblings, your boss, or your friends. If you could not put your different differences aside for several hours, then they are warning signs which need to be addressed and she will pinpoint and handle then accordingly.
6. She Has Overcome Trouble In The Past
If she is the one who has had to go through a difficult and tough past, it means that she has enough strength to endure a difficult and tough future as well.
7. She Can Talk About Awkward And Difficult Things With Tact
Your girl is mature enough to not skip talking about awkward or difficult things. She looks into your eyes when you two have conversations. Similarly, you should also do the same for her. [Read more: 10 Common Awkward Conversations You Need To Have with Your Partner]
8. She Is Passionate About Something
The person who has something to be passionate about is really worth keeping. This is one of subtle signs she is a keeper that many of you often overlook. If she could be passionate about a hobby, her job or a specific interest of hers, it means that she could be passionate about you.
9. She Is Ambitious And Goal-Oriented
The person who is goal-oriented is the one with whom you could be a strong and firm foundation for the future with. She has a direction in her life and drives to find real success.
10. She Always Encourages You Reaching Your Dreams
In a serious relationship, it is a not enough for your girl to be successful as a single person, but she should also wants you to find the success as well. She never serves as a hindrance for you. 11. She Does Not Compare You With Anyone
 If your girl does not compare you to singers, actors, or the exes that she used to date, or whoever, then she is worth being kept. Relationships which are based on lofty expectations will soon fall flat. Appreciating what and who you have is always a good characteristic and your relationship should be built from that grounded foundation. This is also among clear signs she is a keeper in a relationship.
12. She Can Make Apologies
Your girl is humble enough to acknowledge her mistakes whenever she makes. She is not afraid of hiding her pride and giving an apology when she has shortcomings.
13. She Never Forces You To Make A Hard Decision
She never asks you to select between her and your family. She acknowledges that both are important parts of your own life, and you do not want to take sides.
14. She Respects Your Space
 If you woman respects that sometimes people also need to be alone in order to calm down after a fight, then this is one of signs she is a keeper. She gives you your necessary space and takes her own as well. [Read: 12 Tips How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend After a Fight]
15. She Has A Cracking Sense Of Humor
A girl who will be able to laugh with you, at herself and at you as well is the one who can make for a warm atmosphere when you are being around her. It also means that you have great time together. Source:
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10 Big Signs He Wants To Kiss You

10 Big Signs He Wants To Kiss You | WikiYeah |
Vanessa Tan's insight:
How can you know if he wants to kiss you? And you are dying for a kiss from his mouth, but he still has not leaned against you. “Does he want to kiss you?” That is such a big question even though it is not really complicated to find the answer for it. But a man gives many signs that he wants to kiss a girl before he does it. And here are some signs he wants to kiss you that we from want to reveal to you.
Top 10 Undeniable Signs He Wants To Kiss You
1. He Looks At You A Lot In Your Mouth
If he keeps paying attention to your mouth when he is speaking, he is likely to kiss you. And in this case, he shall be calm and he may be afraid you deny him the kiss. That the guy you like looks you in the eye and then to the mouth as you speak, probably makes you nervous and anxious, but it is a good sign. What you should do now is enjoying the moment and enjoying the sexy kiss.
2. Shortened Distances
This is surely the most obvious signal among signs he wants to kiss you. If you and he are sitting in an armchair, and he is trying to approach you in as close distance as possible. And his arms are likely to put around you or he takes your hair from your face. You probably know what is going to happen then, don’t you? Let’s taste the sweetie kiss that you deserve.
3. Touching His Lips
If he does not make an eye contact, you should pay attention to his lips. When he touches his lips or plays with them, it will be his subconscious that is speaking. When we want some part of our body to be touched, we subconsciously touch it, so if he speaks and touches his lips, or wet them, or bites his lower lip, it is because he may want to kiss you.
4. Pauses In His Conversation
If you are having a conversation with that guy and he makes a pause, it is an excellent opportunity to find out if he really wants to kiss you or not. How do you find out? Kiss him yourself. Many men like the woman to take initiative and by making the pause and looking at his mouth, this will create the opportunity for a kiss. But if there are awkward pauses, you had better think twice. 5. Gazing Upon Your Eyes
When your man continuously looks at your eyes and smiles, it is definitely one of signs he wants to kiss you as he is investigating the proper time to start his honeyed journey on your lips.
6. Generous Compliments
None of the men on earth will be miserable his compliments for his dearest. He may concentrate on the little things on your body such as the attractive necklace or your charming perfume smell. He seems to like what he sees. You are gorgeous in his eyes and he is attempting to kiss you.
7. Flirting Guy
First of all, you should eliminate the image of a lady-killer out of your mind. Every guy has different ways of flirting but there is one sign that you can count on is touching. If he keeps finding the way to touch your elbow, your hand, your cheeks and that means he is trying to tell you he is into you. There is no need to be scared of these actions and you should consider this as the romantic and must-have actions as he wants to kiss you. 
8. Fresh Breath
This seems to be the polite one when it comes to signs he wants to kiss you. This happens if both of you have finished your meal, and he uses chewing gum right away or when you guys are going on a date and he chews the chewing gums all the time. Because he does not want to irritate you by the annoying smells of food in his mouth and he can kiss you anytime he wants. No one wants to be paused or encounter such awkward moments when kissing.
9. Changing Subjects
For example, if you and him are talking about a joke and he suddenly changes the subject in to the romantic ones and does not come back to the previous subject, it is a bet that he is arranging a plan to kiss you sooner or later.
10. Romantic Music
If you two are going on a date in a room and he is initiatively in charge of changing the music audio in this room, for example, he switches on the romantic jazz music of love or song without lyrics, it means that he is tempting to let you know what he is going to prepare for a perfect kiss and hoping to receive your cooperation. From your own experiences in relationships, what other signs he wants to kiss you? Share with us below this post!
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13 Foolproof Signs He Is Emotionally Unstable

13 Foolproof Signs He Is Emotionally Unstable | WikiYeah |
Vanessa Tan's insight:
After the dating period, it will be great if you and he develop a relationship. However, his desire to have a “boosted” relationship does not mean he is completely ready for your relationship. Maybe your relationship is not really stable yet. You are still worried about your status as well as your relationship with him. Here are 13 tips to help you determine if your partner is really mature enough for a serious relationship or not, or we can call “13 signs he is emotionally unstable”. Take a look from!
13 Warning Signs He Is Emotionally Unstable

1. He Does Not Want To “Make A Name” For Your Relationship The first sign of “13 signs he is emotionally unstable” I want to talk about is the name of the relationship. Yes, if he does not want to make a name for your relationship, it means that you and him are still like lovers, but not called each other’s lover. He brings you ambiguity, a relationship that cannot be called. This proves that he is not really ready for this love story.
2. He Is Not Definitive With His Old Love
This is terrible! How can you love someone with the thought that you are the only filler for him to heal the wounds after parting? If he is ready for a new relationship, it means he has to put an end to everything related to his ex-lover, so you will not be affected or feel insecure.
3. He Always Listens To His Mother
Yes, there is nothing wrong when a man respects and loves his mother. But it would be wrong for him to do everything under his mother’s control. That means he is not really mature enough and has no personal opinion. Do not you also want to love a guy who always listens to his mother?
4. He Shows Jealousy Too Much
Sometimes jealousy is good, because if he loves you, he will not want you to be too intimate or talk too much with other guys,…, and he gets jealous when you do that. But if he always uses rule words that are disparaging to you, then you definitely need to stay away from him. Because he does not love you, he loves himself so much and he cannot stand the feeling of being “horny”!
5. He Does Not Care About You Personality
The other sign among “13 signs he is emotionally unstable” is that he does not care more about your personality. Maybe he says he wants your relationship to “level up,” but make sure he knows the personal things about you such as your hobby, hate, excellence, fitness, or favorite foods … And if he does not care these things at all, do not talk about love. He is not serious about you.
6. He Changes His Attitude Constantly
He behaves like your real boyfriend. And soon after, he remembered that he was not prepared to enter into a formal relationship. And he “fixes his mistake” by avoiding you a few days.
7. He Never Introduces You To His Family Or His Friends
Saying this is not because he is afraid that his parents or his friends will not like you or be not happy about you. The thing he is really afraid of is that you will misunderstand that he has long-term intentions with this love. Then you will be extremely distressed to realize that: “I never really hearted you”.
8. Your Dates Are Only “Unexpected” And Do Not Usually Last Long If he says he misses you and suddenly stands in front of your house at 10pm, do not believe it, maybe his plan A is broken and you will obviously be planning B.
9. He Does Not Want To Think About Your Future Relationship When it comes to signs he is emotionally unstable, this might be a subtle one. Before questions about the future of the relationship, he is always hesitated and uncertain. For example, he cannot say when he is going to introduce you to his family or when he is going to marry you. He always avoids talking about this topic. That will help you understand that his feelings have faded.
10. Awkwardly Courting The Other Girls
If you have a sincere affection for a man, he will not “catch many hands” flirting with other people. On the contrary, if he casually talks, says, or even jokes closely to other girls without paying attention to your attitude, then surely this is a sign he is not really stable in terms of emotions.
11. He Doesn’t Always Ask For Your Opinion
When a man loves you so much, he will want to hear your opinion in everything, it does not mean that he is afraid of you. He is appreciate with your opinions and wants to combine your and his opinions. So if a man who doesn’t ask for your opinion anytime, always does whatever he want, I can sure that he is not your man.
12. His Finance Or His Work Is Unstable
Money does not buy happiness, but it is the means to bring happiness. For most men, he cannot forever drown in a mess of unpaid bills. This will affect his thoughts about love. In turn, his feelings will be fluctuating or become unstable in such situations. 
13. He Only Thinks Of You When He Feels Sad
The last sign of “13 signs he is emotionally unstable” is that he usually only remembers you when he feels sad. Yes, every time when he feel happy, he goes to drink coffee, or have small parties, … with his friends. It’s only when he has a hard time, or feels sad but no one is beside him, he’s calling you. Truth me, it’s a selfish man. He does not really love you.
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3 Effective Ways How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Lice

3 Effective Ways How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Lice | WikiYeah |
Do you wanna how to use tea tree oil for lice? If yes, read on 3 most effective homemade ways mentioned here!
Vanessa Tan's insight:
Lice are a kind of parasite that lives in skin or hair of animals and people. Lice survive by eating blood of people or animals they live in. It makes people and animals feel itch and frustrate. The main reason of the reproduction of lice is unsanitary lifestyle of animals or people. There are many ways to abolish and prevent lice in skin or hair. One of the ways that are propagated by many people is using tea tree oil for lice removal. But some people are still suspicious at this statement. To know whether or not this statement is true, you should know some basic things about tea tree oil and lice. They will be shown below.
How To Know You Are Being Bitten By Lice?
 When lice attack you, you can recognize these symptoms below: • Extremely itchy • Feeling like some kinds of insect are biting you • Rash • Scalp aching • You can see something is as big as a sesame seed or bigger Why People Are Attacked By Lice? There are some reasons below making lice survive in people’s hair: • People use the same comb, clothes or hat with somebody who has been bitten by lice • Lice can run form one person to another one from 2 ways: from scalp to scalp or from body to body • Lice can come from beds, pillows or blankets used by people attacked by lice. • You rarely bath • You rarely wash clothes, blanket, pillow, bed sheets
Some Basic Things About Tea Tree Oil
• Origin of tea tree: Tea tree is a plant comes from Chinese, now is being used in many countries around the world • Some characteristics you can see or smell at pure tea tree oil: tea tree oil have a slightly dense; tea tree oil’s smell can make you feel comfortable; it is a little bit hot. • Nutritious valuation: Tea tree oil contains many good-for-health nutrition such as anti-oxygen nutrition, vitamin, L-theanin, and caffeine. These kinds of nutrition create the antiseptic bacteria and germ, soothing, relaxing properties of tea tree oil.
After reading about symptoms, reasons of being attacked by lice and some characteristics to identify pure tea tree oil above, perhaps you can believe that using tea tree oil for lice is true. Now, this part of this article on will show you how to use tea tree oil for lice in 3 most effectively ways. Make sure you are not allergic with tea tree oil before using it for massaging head skin. You should check the reaction of skin before using for all sculp. If you feel itchy, rash, stop using it for another area of skin. If you don’t feel anything frustrated after trial, you can use it for the whole scalp by doing some ways below:
How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Lice - 3 Must-Try Ways
1. Mix Tea Tree Oil With Olive Oil / Coconut Oil / Lavender Oil
Olive oil has the ability to eliminate insect. So, you can mix it with olive oil to get rid of lice in hair by doing like this. • Take 2- 3 tablespoons of olive oil • Take some drops of tea tree oil into olive oil • Pour this mixture to your hands, then rub well • Use fingertips to massage scalp • Let it be in from 30 to 60 minutes • Rinse off thoroughly with water • Wash your hair again by vinegar to make sure that you can abolish all lice • Do these steps above day by day until you feel that lice leave your scalp Mix tea tree oil with coconut oil or lavender oil and shampoo: • First, you should prepare these ingredients with the amount here: 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or lavender oil; 3 tablespoons of shampoo; 5 -10 drops of tea tree oil • After finding all these ingredients, mix them well • Then apply the mixture to your head skin and your hair • Next, cover your hair with a moisture towel or a towel cap • Wait for 1 hour • After 1 hour, comb your hair to abolish all dead lice • Wash your hair with shampoo which extracted from natural ingredients and conditioner
2. Use Tea Tree Oil To Massage Your Scalp
This is the best way to use tea tree oil for lice. Tea tree oil can develop all their functions to get rid of lice in your hair when you just use it alone. By this way, you need to do these steps below: • First, drop a few drops of tea tree oil into your hand • Second, massage two hands to each other • Third, apply tea tree oil into your scalp and your hair • Next, use fingertips to massage your head skin • After that, leave it overnight • In the morning, after waking up, shed off dead lice by combing your hair Do these steps above from twice to three times a week to perceive tea tree oil’s effectiveness. 3. Spray Tea Tree Oil To Your Hair And Your Scalp Below are the steps you need to do to make lice run out of scalp and your hair: • Fill in a half of spray bottle with water • Add 4 or 5 drops of tea tree oil to water in spray bottle • Close the bottle spray shake until tea tree oil and water dissolve into each other • Spray the mixture into your head skin and your hair • Let the mixture be for at least 2 hours • Comb your hair so as to eliminate all dead lice in your hair and scalp • Rinse off thoroughly by water
Cautions: Although tea tree oil is very effective for eliminating lice, some people shouldn't use them. Don't use tea tree oil if:
• You are allergic with tea tree oil • You are in pregnant • Besides, don't drink or overdose tea tree oil, otherwise you will be poisoned. The tips on how to use tea tree oil for lice are suitable for most people, from young to old, from women to men. You can do it easily because all you need to do is mixing ingredients, apply to your hair, comb hair and rinse off by water. The ingredients of these tips are popular, so you can find it easily. If you feel this article is helpful, leave us comments.
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Top 5 Signs He Can't Resist You

Top 5 Signs He Can't Resist You | WikiYeah |
Participating into many relationships, newly one or long-time acquaintance, have you ever had to ask yourself sorts of questions as “How he does think of me?’ “Whether or not he likes me?” “How ‘like’ is it?”
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6 Big Signs He Will Leave His Girlfriend For You

6 Big Signs He Will Leave His Girlfriend For You | WikiYeah |
Vanessa Tan's insight:
There are so many “women in waiting” in relationship. Those women who are waiting, willing, and hopping that the man they are dating with, will leave their girlfriend for them. The questions: “Is he going to leave his girlfriend for men?”; “When is he going to leave her?” are some of common questions of such women. Of course, playing the second fiddle or hanging on sidelines is painful and needs lots of effort. Being the other woman towards an attached man (read: the cheater) is confused for women at first and it is tough then. It is often not a good idea to be involved in a relationship with a man who is attached, but sometimes, it is rather okay if you know that his relationship or marriage is ending. Obviously, it is difficult to know when he will leave his girlfriend for you. If you want to know the answer, take a look at 6 clear and subtle signs he will leave his girlfriend for you and build a new life with you here – from!
6 Clear and Subtle Signs He Will Leave His Girlfriend For You
1. He Frequently Chooses You Over His Girlfriend Being in a relationship with a man who has not ended his marriage or relationship often comes with many types of complications, particularly if his girlfriend does not know that he is dating another woman. Married guys have many time commitments, it is even worse when he has kids. Your guy will not leave his girlfriend of wife for you if he does not really give you all of his free time. However, if he always chooses you over his girlfriend or everything else, then it is one of signs he will leave his girlfriend for you.
2. He Is Not Trying To Hide You In Public The next one in this signs he will leave his girlfriend for you is that your guy does not hide when he goes out with you in public places. He does not care about what other people think or talk about your relationship. It is a signal that he wants to be with you in the long term. Oftentimes, men who have affairs feel hesitated when being in public with you till they really get ready to divorce or move or with you. [Read more: How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Lying Or Cheating You: 14 Signs ]
3. His Relationship Is Troubled One of common excuse among guys who go for an affair is that their relationship or marriage has gotten bad. Such men will seek comfort in another woman who can “understand” their physical and emotional needs or simply because they no longer love their partners anymore. If the guy you are dating is actually unhappy with his current girlfriend or if he is stuck with a shrew, then maybe he will realize the essentiality of escaping from a loveless relationship. However, at the same time, perhaps he just uses the line merely to get your in bed. Thus, to find out if he will leave his girlfriend for you, you should use your personal common sense and check if his relationship or marriage is in trouble or he is just making excuses. You can look for the clues such as the excitement of your partner to come back home at the usual time though he said that he could stay with you for all night. [Read more: 12 Fool-proof Signs He Just Wants to Sleep With You]
4. He Does Not Play On Your Sense Of Self-Worth When it comes to signs he will leave his girlfriend for you, this is a subtle one that you may overlook. Even when a guy might not have anything to stay for in his current relationship, he still wants to have a clandestine affair rather than getting divorce or being in true relationship with you. This is particularly true if your partner is a sociopath who might play on your own need for validating or your insecurities by triggering you feel as if you are more attractive than his current girlfriend or as that your life will not be fulfilled if not agreeing being with you (while the fact is that he just merely uses you for his emotional or sexual gratification). Thus, before deciding to be another woman in his relationship, you should ask yourself if you are dating him just because you do not want to live a lonely life or not. If the man really loves you, he will not use your relationship to blackmail you, but rather than, he will appreciate your attempts of trying to help him do the right thing. This sign is rather abstract, but it tells a lot if you can use it properly. [Read more: 8 Effortless Tips on How to Get a Guy Who Has a Girl Friend]
5. He Talks To You About Finances In reality, getting divorced is costly. When your guy leaves his wife (if he married), alimony as well as support for children turns into main financial problems. If he is serious about leaving his wife for you, he will start discuss matters about finance with you and really look for ways in order to make the divorce come true. Nonetheless, be careful that he is not with you just for your money. [Read more: Do I love him? 16 signs you see a real future with him]
6. He Truly Cares About Your Feelings For some men, they have affairs just because they want to experience something excited and new. If your guy wants to be intimate or romantic, then he might not be ready to leave his girlfriend for you. He just uses you to please his needs. If he wants to leave is girlfriend for you, then he must be committed to the relationship with you and satisfied with being or talking with you without intimate factors. So, if he shows the signs he cares about your feelings, then it is one of clear signs he will leave his girlfriend for you soon.
Above are some signs he will leave girlfriend for you, but you should ask yourself that even when he leaves his girlfriend, will he marry you? Consider the possibility that he might not wish to get involved in a serious relationship again (like a marriage). The financial and emotional consequences of the upcoming divorce might put off his effort of getting married with your in the future. In case you notice some of these signs in your relationship, it is not sure that he will leave his girlfriend for you once and for all. You could never celebrate till it really happens. You could encourage your man and offer him the ultimatums, but no one without him can make the final decision. In case you do not see any of these signs he will leave his girlfriend for you, then prepare your mind that he may not serious about your relationship, even when he tells you that he is.
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15 Clear Signs He Will be Clingy in a Relationship

15 Clear Signs He Will be Clingy in a Relationship | WikiYeah |
Being in love is great but what if your boyfriend is too clingy on you? Your relationship can easily becoming a disaster and resulting in many consequences. So in order to have a healthy relationship, it is of significant importance to understand and avoid a clingy man....
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6 Steps on How to Get Over a Husband Kissing Another Woman

6 Steps on How to Get Over a Husband Kissing Another Woman | WikiYeah |
If you are wondering what to do when you see your husband kissing another woman? Then, you are at the right place because here we from will expose to you the right way on how to get over a husband kissing another woman.
Vanessa Tan's insight:
The moment you know that your husband kissed another woman, you obviously felt betrayed. It is totally normal, but your husband may not feel like that it was a big problem.... >>> here is the full article:
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14 ways to get rid of white spots on teeth fast & naturally - WikiYeah

14 ways to get rid of white spots on teeth fast & naturally - WikiYeah | WikiYeah |
To get rid of white spots on teeth fast and naturally (after braces), you should definitely read on these 14 home remedies!
Vanessa Tan's insight:
Some people say that white spots on teeth are a sign of drinking too much milk. But that is not true. They are actually a sign of losing mineral content on the tooth surface and an indication of tooth decay. There are a lot of reasons why people have white spots on their teeth, but....
>>> check out the full article here:
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7 ways to get rid of blackheads in ear fast & naturally at home

7 ways to get rid of blackheads in ear fast & naturally at home | WikiYeah |
To get rid of blackheads in ear fast, naturally and permanently, try on 7 ways using home remedies here without too much cost!
Vanessa Tan's insight:
In essence, blackheads develop because the hair follicles on the skin get clogged. The imbalance causes oil glands to manufacture excessive oil which might clog the hair follicle to result in blackheads in ear...
>>> check out the full article here:
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12 common types of love traps and how to avoid them - WikiYeah

12 common types of love traps and how to avoid them - WikiYeah | WikiYeah |
What're the most common types of love traps? How to avoid love traps? Read on this entry to avoid relationship traps at the first place!
Vanessa Tan's insight:
Have you ever heard about love trap? Maybe, you have not ever heard about it but if you continually end up in love in which there are some common negative patterns, then you could be in a love trap. So what a love trap is? What are the most common types of love traps? Actually, love traps are those relationships which seem like a good one but after all,...
>>> here is the full article:
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10 subtle signs your ex wants you back after a breakup

10 subtle signs your ex wants you back after a breakup | WikiYeah |
Are you watching for signs your ex wants you back? Here’re 10 subtle signs you may overlook, check them out!
Vanessa Tan's insight:
In regard to reunion in broken relationships, there are many cases, but two most common cases are: one person still likes the other person but still does not want to get back with them; one person still thinks about the other person and wants to get back together. When your ex thinks about getting back together, he/she will react totally differently....
>>> here is the full article:
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Top 14 early signs of an insecure man in a relationship

Top 14 early signs of an insecure man in a relationship | WikiYeah |
What are early signs of an insecure man in a relationship? Check out 14 out of fool-proof signs he is an insecure guy
Vanessa Tan's insight:
Insecurity could happen for different reasons, and a lot of them are understandable. Maybe, he was the victim of bullying or abuse, particularly if he did not fit the typical masculine stereotypes as illustrated by the society. The reasons are unlimited. Insecure men come in every age and size, and they all share the demand for affirmation.....
>>> here is the full article:
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5 Must-Try Tips on How to Use Sesame Seeds for Hair Growth

5 Must-Try Tips on How to Use Sesame Seeds for Hair Growth | WikiYeah |
Wonder how to use sesame seeds for hair growth? Don’t skip 5 easy but effective ways here to get thicker hair naturally
Vanessa Tan's insight:
Sesame seeds are one of the oldest seed crops to human-kind. They are a familiar ingredient in the kitchen, especially of the Asian. The Korean and the Japanese use sesame seeds for decorating and adding flavor for many dishes. The Chinese use sesame to sprinkle over rice and red beans and serve them at the exchange of wedding presents. In spite of their tiny size, they are proved to have a huge advantage to human body due to their nutritional value. Sesame seeds and oil perform well in nutritive, preventive and curative aspects. For instance, the content of magnesium found in sesame seed
s helps prevent diabetes, reduce blood pressure; sesamol boosts heart health by preventing atherosclerotic lesions; the huge amount of zinc helps produce collagen for a healthy skin; etc. People use sesame seeds for beauty purposes, healthy diet, and cures for many conditions, so they are always in the top of favorable nuts all over the world [1] [2]. However, among uses of sesame seeds, the benefits of sesame seeds for hair growth get lots of attention.
How To Use Sesame Seeds For Hair Growth Effectively
Everyone loses hair every day, about 100 hair is normal. But if you see an expanding bald or lots of thinning, even hair loss runs in family, you may be experiencing hair loss unfortunately. There are many reasons for this: family history, stress, age, poor diet, being in some specific treatment, etc., yet the consequence stays the same: a forehead bald to men and a thinning top of head to women. Fortunately, most types of hair loss can be prevented or treated by very simple ways. This article from will show you effective ways to use sesame seeds for hair growth:
1. Use Sesame Seeds Directly
Chew a handful of sesame seeds every morning. Sesame seeds are full of essential fatty acids, magnesium and calcium, which encourage hair growth. Throughout the day, you can eat sesame seeds in dishes because of its unique flavour that adds amazing taste into the meal [3].
• Any kinds of nuts, including sesame seeds, are suggested to be consumed not over 30 g (about a small handful or approximately) a day by the Nutrition Australia.
• Stop use sesame seeds directly once you have runny nose, eye inflammation, asthma, digestive issues, and diarrhoea, for example. They are symptoms of allergy. If you are allergic to any kinds of nuts, you ought to avoid sesame seeds as well.
2. Sesame Seed Oil Massage
Sesame seeds oil is very popular in hair growth treatment because it has a lot of positive effects on hair: protecting the hair from UV rays, treating dry hair, treating head lice, moisturizing hair, etc [4]. Thus, it is recommended by many hair experts as one of natural ways on how to use sesame seeds for hair growth. If you are using a serum or hair mask, just add a few drops of sesame oil to make a difference. Using sesame seed oil for cooking is a way but as we have just mentioned that you can get allergic by using it directly. Steps will be revealed to help you get perfect hair by using the oil of sesame seeds for hair growth:
 • Warm up some sesame seeds with any carrier oil or mix some of sesame oil in. This should be warm during massage.
• Massage gently the liquid on the scalp and put the remaining oil on the hair strands.
• Cover with a warm towel and wait for about 30-60 minutes.
• Rinse the hair with water and shampoo.
Note: This should be done once or twice a week to achieve the best result. This recipe nourishes the scalp, feeds the hair root and increases blood circulation to the scalp and hence promotes hair growth. [Read more: 4 Effective Methods on How to Use Ginger for Hair Growth]
3. Sesame Oil Shampoo
• 1/2 cup of liquid castile soap
• 2 tablespoons of Maple syrup
• 5-10 drops of carrot seed essential oil
• 10 drops of sesame seed oil
• Mix all of the above ingredients carefully.
• Pour over wet hair and massage into the scalp for 2-3 minutes before rinsing clearly.
 • The mixture could be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks.
• Use it to wash your hair twice per week.
With the vitamin and anti-fungal content, the carrot seed oil can purify, detoxify and stimulate the scalp. The sesame oil improves circulation and can stimulate hair growth. The shampoo soothes and nourishes and has antibacterial properties.
4. Sesame Oil Serum
The next way on how to use sesame seeds for hair growth is using it as a serum. You could apply several drops of sesame oil onto your dry hair, helping give some shine. But, do not over do this method because your hair may end up looking greasy and oily. [Read also: 8 Amazing Tips on How to Stop Hair Fall Naturally]
5. Sesame Oil Conditioner
When it comes to how to use sesame seeds for hair growth, using sesame oil as a conditioner is highly recommended. It could be used for conditioning your hair if you mix some of your shampoo with sesame oil. Wait for several minutes prior to washing it off, similarly to what you do with any conditioner.
What Are Side Effects When Using Sesame Seeds For Hair Growth?
Despite there are many ways to use sesame seeds for hair growth, in fact, sesame seeds also deliver some reversed effects if they are over-used. Only when you abuse sesame seeds and use them directly, the side effects happen, including allergy (whose symptoms are listed above), risk of miscarriage or colon cancer, and risk of diverticulitis or anaphylaxis. However, sesame seeds are still widespread due to their huge nutritious benefits. With the given information above, we hope you can use sesame seed and their oil consciously for the best result to your health. Especially the ways to use sesame seeds for hair growth, in particular, and for beauty, in general, are not hurt at all and totally worthy for you to try to get your dream hair.
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10 Early and Clear Signs He Is Manipulative

10 Early and Clear Signs He Is Manipulative | WikiYeah |
How to know if he is a manipulator? Watch these 10 early and clear signs he is manipulative in your relationship!
Vanessa Tan's insight:
When God created human beings, he did not forget to create also intimate relationships between human beings. The distant and close relationships create different emotions in each of us. And love is also a very important relationship for most of us.
It is a relationship that goes through many ups and downs of emotion, bittersweet…Love is a series of emotions, psychological states, and different attitudes that range from personal feelings to delight. When you fall in love with him, you feel like he is manipulative as well as when the two hearts are in the same beat, the emotions blend together. Those relationships always make our lives more meaningful and interesting. Love, between men and women, is defined as “the consequence of the combination of human instincts and intellect”. Love is often a strong attraction and the desire to be bound, attached. However, when we grasp something more and more, the more painful. Both of us share, listen and care to each other. When a guy does not understand you or is indifferent to you, it is one of signs he is manipulative. Here are some red flags warning that you should pay more attention to that relationship. Check out on!
Top 10 Warning Signs He Is Manipulative To Watch For

1. He Always Wants To Know What Are You Doing
In love, when he starts to love, he often texts you to check what you are doing? Where are you going? Or with whom? We think it was a sweet habit at first, but gradually, when he controls you too much leads to over-restrictive interest that makes us feel bothered and restless because everyone needs to be respectful of what they do and also their freedom. This also a sign he is emotional unstable to watch for.
2. You Feel Like He Is Constantly Judging You
There is no one perfect in every way, so your partner is. He also has good habits and bad habits. If he always criticizes and scrutinises your daily routine, then he may be manipulative in your relationship. For example, when you are tired after a week of continuous work you need to rest and relax a bit more to regain lost energy before. Friends around you said that it was a simple habit but he said that you are lazy. It is one of signs he is manipulative. [Read more: 5 Valuable Lessons to Deal with Judgmental People]
3. He Knows Your Weaknesses And Uses Them Against You When he falls in love, he often explores and learns about himself. Also, he gradually knows more about you, he knows both your strengths and weaknesses. When he loves, he will love both your strengths and weaknesses. But, if he uses your weakness to threaten you and force you to listen to him, I think you should consider if he is manipulative or not? He knows that you are so scared of being alone in the evening so he is willing to leave you alone even when that makes you nervous and unsettled. Finally, you have to find him in order to feel safer and do what he wants with you.
4. He Never Accepts To Hearing From You
When couples are in the process of getting to know each other, conflicts can happen frequently. But he never listened to your personal opinion or listened to you explanation about what happened? He is always conservative and defaults to being right and forcing you to follow him. This is considered one of clear signs he is manipulative. [Read more: 13 Big Signs You are the Sensitive One in the Relationship]
5. He Talks To You About Other Girls, Outright
Sometimes, in a romantic relationship, partners can mention other opposite-gender people in conversations. However, your partner seems to always remind another girl when he is by your side. This is pointless when he does not care about you but to mention a girl that you do not like at all. One nice day, you two are dating and suddenly he mentions to his ex and compares you with her. He thinks that you do not care about him and do not understand him like her. That will make you disappointed and have to rethink whether or not the relationship should continue.
6. He Does Not Give You Much Time To Decide
If you are not in the middle of a time-sensitive situation, there is often time to think carefully things through prior to making a big decision. Thus, you should be aware of people who put pressure on you for an answer, particularly if money gets involved. By using control and tension on you, it is hoped that you will empower the right of deciding on those people. If you partner is such type of people, then he may be manipulative. [Read more: 10 Obvious and Subtle Signs He Respects You in Your Relationship] 7. They Undermine Your Confidence
This is a classic form of manipulation as nobody is more malleable than someone with no confidence. That is why those manipulators will be ready do whatever they could in order to knock you down, and make you feel invaluable or less-than. Actually, emotional manipulators often seek out the vulnerabilities in other people to exploit them. They might both consciously and unconsciously create the relationships with those who are the most vulnerable and willing to be taken control of. Watch your partner and see if he has such sign or not. If yes, it is a clear among warming signs he is manipulative.
8. He Treats You The Silent Treatment
When it comes to signs he is manipulative, this is an early sign. If you have been treated with silence, you know how manipulative could be. The silent treatment is considered a head game in which silence is often used as a kind of leverage. It works. Because your partner has firmly planted himself in a site of power, it is totally normal to feel that you do not have any choice but have to end the madness by depending on them. [Read more: 11 Tips on How To Avoid Awkward Silences]
9. He Pretends To Be Concerned
In is a very subtle signal among signs he is manipulative because it involves fake emotions and feelings. He will show some fake concern for your health and well-being, all in an attempt to undermine your confidence and decisions.
10. He Plays Dumb
Sometimes, he plays dumb to get out of things. He might act as if he does not understand what you say or request, thereby letting himself off the hook. In other times, he might pretend to not understand your sayings as a way of shaking your confidence. This often happens in children who use this tatic to delay, stall, and manipulate parents or other adults into doing for them what they do not want to do. But, it also happens in some grown-ups when they have a certain thing to hide, or obligation that they wish to avoid. If your partner does this, he is manipulative.
In short, our lives still have so many relationships that are necessary for us. Relationships can be attached to us throughout our lives, relationships that may just close us in a short time. It gives us different emotions, different impressions. It teaches us how to live, how to treat each other and how to communicate. It helps our souls to be more romantic and mature in the way of life. Love is no exception – the most emotionally. I think a relationship built on trust and respect will always be appreciated and last a long time. Respecting for the lover, it is to respect yourself. I think, lovers need a shoulder to lean on when tired, a hand embrace that embraces each other without demanding any promise about the future. Side by side, lovers are being together to listen to the rhythm of breathing evenly in the slow stream of time. Our life, sometimes it takes a few minutes to live so slowly, to be more alert, to be clearer and to love each other more.
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12 Subtle Signs He Is Intimidated By You

12 Subtle Signs He Is Intimidated By You | WikiYeah |
Ladies, do you ever find yourself in a situation that you receive a lot of attention from men; people always say you’re an awesome woman, yet flirts from men have never turned into a serious long term relationship?
Vanessa Tan's insight:
Ladies, do you ever find yourself in a situation that you receive a lot of attention from men; people always say you’re an awesome woman, yet flirts from men have never turned into a serious long term relationship? The case is men may feel intimidated by your pretty appearance and your independent personality and your successes in love and life. Look for these 12 signs he is intimidated by you but isn’t brave enough to take the relationship to the next level. Take a look from WikiYeah!
Top 12 UnMistakable Signs He Is Intimidated By You
1. He Looks Awkwardly Nervous Around You Of course when a guy has a crush on you, it’s natural for him to feel a bit nervous when you’re around. However, if he sweats a lot or suddenly starts to stutter, constantly blinks his eyes, anxiously looks all over the place, or can’t keep up with the topic of your conversations, then he might feel intimidated and all his confidence is swept away simply by your presence.
2. You Still Haven’t Got Asked Out It’s been a couple of weeks since you guys said the “hello” and “how’s your day going?” but that’s it! There’s nothing more than generic greetings. The case might be that he finds out about your academic, career or financial successes and thinks he’s just a loser compared to you. Another possibility is that your stunning beauty and the way you often dress up makes he think he’s out of your league. He would imagine a very gorgeous and successful lady like you must have a lot of suitors and his chance of winning your heart would seem too low to even try asking you out. [Read: How to Know If a Guy likes You More Than a Friend Without Asking]
3. It Feels Like He Likes You But Doesn’t Dare To Approach You He appears at places you show up like at a party, a dancing club or college and community activities. You see him so often that it’s impossible to be merely coincidence. However he does nothing more than shyly smiling at you from time to time across the crowd. That makes you wonder if he’s interested in you, but wait, why he has not come to talk to me yet. And if you decide to approach him first, he might step back or get in a group. It obviously shows that he’s intimidated by your confidence and you’re ability and willingness to take the lead. [Read: Make Him Chase You – 10 Tips That Work Every Time]
4. He Avoids Looking At You In Your Eyes If he’s trying to man up a little bit, he could attempt to start a conversation with you. The thing is he is too shy to look into your eyes because he is afraid you could see he’s intimidated by you, miss popular or successful. In stead of making and maintaining good eye contacts, he stares at the floor, looks down or rolls his eyes around.
5. He Acts Oddly When he is intimidated by you, he may have kind of strange actions like fidgeting, tapping his feet or fingers too much, talking too loudly, scratching his head, adjusting his position and his clothes over and over again, clicking his ball pen non-stop or rocking the chair he’s sitting on. Those awkward unconscious actions point out that he’s feeling uncomfortable. He can’t manage to act charmingly in front of a very hot lady that he very much admires but too scared to get close to you. He’s too afraid of getting rejected by you or being laughed at by people who might say you’re way out of his reach. [Read more: What is Fractionation Seduction Method Men Use to Seduce Women?]
6. He Brags About Himself He feels the need to impress you by exaggerating how much money he makes, how important he is at work, how luxurious his lifestyle is, or how good he is in the bedroom. All is to make himself feel a little better and to convince himself that he’s cool enough to match your level of coolness by which he’s intimidated.
7. He Avoids Talking About Himself Opposite to bragging, he may just dodge the topics of his career, income or spending habits. Also his relationship history if he’s not a very good looking or sexy guy or has had a number of failed relationships in the past. For the intimidated guy, those weaknesses are the last things he would want you to discover. He would prefer talking about you, your beauty, your achievements, and your popularity. He would shower you with lots and lots of compliments to try to please you and make you smile. That way, he can also find some common things and interests that you two share. In fact, it’s the easier way for intimidated guys like him to expand the conversations with you. It gives him more confidence, helps him become more interesting in your eyes and makes you like him more.
8. He Seems Insecure And Jealous Because he is intimidated by the fact that you’re a very desirable lady, any other men around you can trigger their hot button, even though they’re just your male friends, colleagues, neighbors or even family members and relatives. He is worried that he’s too plain to attract your attention and that other pursuers could easily steal his chance to be with you. More silly than that, he might be jealous of who you are! He could be so insecure and intimidated so bad that he would take your smart and charming conversations as too intelligent for him to carry on; or even worse, as insulting or mocking him. He fools himself that you look down on him, judging him that he’s not as smart, not as rich or not as good with women. He just gets overly sensitive and gets upset over nonsense reasons. [Read: Are You in Lust or Love? 7 Big Signs of Lust Not Love]
9. He Tries To Intimidate You If you look amazing, are successful and act confidently, then obviously you are intimidating guys on purpose. For such men, they will try to intimidate you. This might be the funniest one among signs he is intimidated by you. In such case, just simply have fun with him.
10. People Have Told You That You Are Intimidating To Him Well, this might be an obvious sign when it comes to signs he is intimidated by you. General speaking, if a guy tells you this, you had better listen to him. It is not always a cop-out, and when you regularly hear this, you might be a very intimidating chick. [Read: 10 Killer Tips How To Make Him Miss You and Call You More]
11. He Will Not Approach You Without A Friend If your crush always approaches you with the companionship of a friend, it may be that he is trying to utilize the ol’wing man trick. Moreover, if the friend seems to talk about how great, cool and awesome his friend is, it means that they have planned a strategy in advance, and he just wants you to know that he is great. [Read: 5 Clear Signs He Can’t Resist You]
12. He Hangs Around You A Lot But Does Not Seem To Do Anything He hangs out by your locker. He can go towards you and say “hey” in the halls, but he does not seem to know how to move it to the next level. He seems just to try catch your attention and just it, no any further action. To deal with this, you can extend the conversations or take some actions yourself in order to let him know that you are interested (of course, if you are). Remember that it does not have to be a big thing, just a simple sign that you want to hang out with him and would not mind doing it more.
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5 Quick Signs He Will Not Marry You

5 Quick Signs He Will Not Marry You | WikiYeah |
You and your boyfriend have been together for a year, two years (or even more than 2 years) and you can leave a question: “when are you two going to get married?
Vanessa Tan's insight:
You and your boyfriend have been together for a year, two years (or even more than 2 years) and you can leave a question: “when are you two going to get married? When are you going to have the ring on your finger?” However, while your eyes shine with happiness about the future, he stays as calm as a toad in the sun. Be alert, ladies!! You can waste time with a guy who is not serious about you. So If you are trying to figure out how a guy really feel and avoid being in the waiting game, keep an eye out for these signs he will not marry you. Read on from!
5 Must-Know Signs He Will Not Marry You
1. He Keeps Secrets From You
It is actually a big red flag among signs he will not marry you to consider. Maybe in a relationship, there are some secrets we keep for our own, and it doesn’t mean we are cheating our partner. However, never talking about his life or being the last person knowing what happened while you are his girlfriend are another thing. It is a big deal. Trust is the most important ingredient in love and maintaining a relationship. He doesn’t share his secrets because he doesn’t trust you enough. If he acts like a normal friend, or worst of all, like a stranger after years of dating you, it doesn’t mean you are the right person he will want to make the commitment. [Read more: Why People Stay in Unhealthy Relationships Longer Than They Should]
2. He Has No Interest In Meeting Your Family And Avoid You Meeting His Family
If he is ready for a serious commitment, he will make an effort to be close to people who are around you, especially your parents in order to know more about his future life partner. He can’t wait to introduce you with his family because he wants you to be an important part as his family. But if your partner always finds reasons to hesitate or avoid you meeting his family time after time, you should take into consideration about that guy who just has short-time relationship with you.
3. He Ignores When You Talk About Future Plans
When you start asking him about plans , he just says that he hasn’t think about it yet or changes the subject or even finds another thing to do instead of listening you mention it. But please remember, a relationship can last long only when both of you have serious thoughts and see the future together. A guy who is serious about the relationship with you and wants to settle down will want to see you every morning he wakes up, be right along you when raising kids, and face difficulties. If he gives you this signal among signs he will not marry you introduced here, you are dating with a guy who doesn’t think that your relationship can lead to marriage.
4. “I Want To Be More Successful. I’m Not Ready For Marriage Yet”
A guy who just wants to love, but not married always think that he is still young to take responsibility for a family. Such things like life after getting married, kids tie him down are so complicated that he can’t deal with it. The man that is serious about you and your relationship will show how much he want to be with you rather than being frightened whenever you mention the marriage. He always thinks that career path in the young age is prioritized, he has the financial goals, he has to make a foundation for his future. After such an intense period, it is hard for you to accept that he will not care about the future with you. However, keeping your cool head to take this sign into account because he could be iffy about marriage things and just focus on his career. [Read more: 17 Signs He Is In Love With You Truly Madly Deeply]
5. He Hates Marriage
He is allergic to the “M” word. He says: “Oh, getting married is really a nightmare”, “Thanks God, it is awesome when staying single” or “never get married”, “I don’t think marriage is necessary and I feel painful when thinking about it”. Worst of all, many guys think of marriage as the beginning of the end of relationship… when it comes to defining how he think about marriage and you receive those answers, believe him, he really doesn’t want to get married, at least anytime soon . It may not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth. Don’t put any more time into a relationship, you will be tired of spinning its wheels. [Read more: 14 Warning Signs He Will Cheat in The Future]
Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but only if both parties are equally committed. These common signs that prove a guy’s thought of commitment to you. I am not sure he is not ready for the next step for your relationship. So, instead of spending more time with this guy, you should find another man if you propose to be serious about a relationship.
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14 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future

14 Warning Signs He Will Cheat In The Future | WikiYeah |
Are you engaging in a relationship? It is estimated that about 50 to 60% of married men engage in an affair (either physical or mental) during their relationship and 45-55% for married women....
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12 foolproof signs he wants to just sleep with you

12 foolproof signs he wants to just sleep with you | WikiYeah |
How to recognize signs he wants to just sleep with you? Check out 12 foolproof signs here that you may be dating with a player!
Vanessa Tan's insight:
When you start a new relationship to a guy you like, it can be difficult to figure out what his intentions are in the beginning. After all of the flirting, texting, and trying to make plans to hang out, you start to wonder: does this guy like you, or does he just want to intimate? These are signs indicating that he just wants to sleep with you, and remember, don’t freak out if it ends up that he obviously wants physical intimacy. Men seeking out sex all the time are not bad people. Actually, it’s normal for a guy to want physical intercourse, but be careful to some playboys who only approach you to serve his “sexual desires”. This article from wills how you 12 fool-proof signs he just wants to sleep with you.
12 Warning Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You
1. He Only Calls And Texts You At Night
For some reasons, you only receive his text or call between the hour of 11 pm and 3 pm, mostly at 1 am. You both are filled with romantic thoughts but not always the same way especially that all he mentions are sexual topics or provoking invitation to come over to your house and offer a love making session. Many girls think that their boyfriends are just too busy to chat at this time, however, we need to know that, from 12h onwards is the time most men are in sexual thinking as the main reason they are imagining you in the same bed with them at all.
2. He Never Wants To Hang Out With Your Friends Or Meets Your Family
Insincere men will never care about what is considered to be a waste of time, because their main purpose is “s*x”. He is simply there with you to get in your pants and disappear. He will not enjoy talking about marriage, as never put his effort on impressing your mom or show your dad that there is great guy worthy of you. As for a man who comes to you for desires, he always ignores your questions like: “When will we marry?”; “What do you intend on our future? Some guys can stick around for months and still just want to sleep with you with no intention of taking it any further. If your guy is like that, you should raise yourself some doubts about him. Same goes to your friends. He can make it seem like he doesn’t want friends to get involved because you are all he needs. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends because he might view you as someone who is temporary in his life. This is one of warning signs he just wants to sleep with you. [Read more: Is he a player or a gentleman? 13 differences to watch for]
3. He Sends Sexual Pics, Texts Or Phone Calls
The content of his phone calls or messages just revolves around s*x or he blatantly just tries to talk about sensitive topics. Be aware that if you receive any dirty pics which are always the lowest and laziest form of sexting, this is the straight-forward signal that identifys whether he is sincere or he just wants to sleep with you.
4. Dates Are Never In A Public Place
 When it comes to signs he just wants to sleep with you, this is a very subtle sign. He only wants to see you at his apartment or house at all. His idea of a perfect date is on a couch in front of the TV. If he only wants s*x, he will definitely prefer to watch something at his place instead of going to the cinema. He will be extremely excited when you invite him home, but he will soon be disappointed if the two are just watching the movie, talking without doing any “shady” else. If he finds that you have no intention of “going forward,” he will definitely cry out and rush back home Furthermore, in case you’ve never heard of “Netflix and chill,” it’s like code for sexual things. [Learn more: Should I trust him: 18 signs you should and shouldn’t]
5. He Takes Less Care About Your Feeling
A man comes to you because of physical desire will only care about the physical state of your body, that is, if you are healthy or sick, without raising attention on your mood or emotion. The craving for your body will make you dress the way he likes to be perfect in his eyes. He treats your body as a vital part of the relationship. If you realize he took less concern about your personal life and never asked you reasons why you were upset or how your day was, you should consider whether or not to prolong this relationship.
6. He Does Not Want Any Of Your Belongings Left At Home
With sex-loving guys, he will never allow any of your private belongings to fall into his house. It seems that after each time dating at home, he wants to clear away your traces as if he does not want another girl to see it.
7. He’s Quick Leaving After A Love Making Session
If you already have a romantic night with your guy and he always ends up offering a convenient excuse for why he doesn’t contact you next morning or never respond if it’s not another romantic night appointment, then you know you are only a part of his night activities not his true love.
8. He Only Compliments Your Looks
Despite compliments are nice, too much of them is never good. You could often tell when someone is saying compliments just because they wish for something. This truth is rather terrible when it comes to dating and love. Of course, you do not want to believe it. Your man compliments you too frequently and all of them seem to be related to your looks only. This is one of the subtle signs he just wants to sleep with you that you should watch for. [Read more: 6 ways to deal with backhanded compliments while dating]
9. He Tries To Provoke You To Drink Alcohol
Among signs he just wants to sleep with you, the effort of pushing alcohol on you from him is a warnings red flag. He only wants to get you drunk. Guys know that women could sometimes be open or more easily persuaded by regretful decisions with some liquid courage. If you notice that your guy orders further more wine bottle after you said that you were done, then it is time to think carefully about the relationship between you and that guy. 10. He Gets Angry If You Do Not Want Have Physical Intimacy
If you invite him to hang out and he goes with you without any intention of enjoying the entertainment but his hope of being with you privately, then he might be just interested in having physical intimacy with you. [Read more: 12 common stages of intimacy in dating couples go through]
11. His Gifts Are Always About Sexual Things
Your guy may give you some gifts. That is great, but if his gifts are always sexual-involved things, it hints that he just wants to sleep with you.
12. Conversations Always Turn Sexual
When he makes a phone call to you, and no matter what his topic is, he always finds a way to bring “physical intimacy” into the conversation with you. For example, you tell him about your successful sales presentation, and he emphasizes how customers are attracted to you because you look so hot in your suit. Or, when you say that you want to go home to soak in the hot bath, and he says his wish is being there to wash your back. It is one of signs he just wants to sleep with you.
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10 Tips on How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Stretch Marks & Cellulites

10 Tips on How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Stretch Marks & Cellulites | WikiYeah |
Apple cider vinegar has a wide range of uses for different types of diseases and conditions. It has been used as a safe and effective treatment for ailments for thousands of years. If taken internally, apple cider can help lower cholesterol levels, aid in dieting, treat infections, and regulate blood sugar levels
Vanessa Tan's insight:
Apple cider vinegar has a wide range of uses for different types of diseases and conditions. It has been used as a safe and effective treatment for ailments for thousands of years. If taken internally, apple cider can help lower cholesterol levels, aid in dieting, treat infections, and regulate blood sugar levels. Also, it is said that apple cider vinegar can also eliminate stretch marks and cellulites when applied topically. If you are tired of spending a lot of money on expensive ointments as well as creams which promise to deal with your stretch marks, then try the folk remedy: apple cider vinegar for stretch marks. Many people after using this ingredient said that, after one week of daily use, stretch marks noticeably turned white. And, one month later, it became invisible.
So could you use apple cider vinegar for stretch marks and cellulites? How does it work? This article from will help you figure out how to use apple cider vinegar for stretch marks and cellulites effectively, so you can get beautiful, smooth skin without expense!
Is Apple Cider Vinegar good for Stretch Marks?
Because apple cider vinegar has a number of essential properties, it makes this ingredient a wonderful treatment for stretch marks and cellulites and other health issues. Here are some features of apple cider vinegar appreciated for stretch mark treatment:
– The astringent property of apple cider vinegar can dry out oily skin.
– It has anti-septic and antibiotic properties that help in scrapping off dead skin cells, dirt and dusts on your skin pores while still regenerating the skin tissue naturally for growing healthy new skin.
– It also has a large amount of vitamins, including vitamin A, B2 and B6, C, E and P.
– Thanks to its content of alpha hydroxy along with amino acids, apple cider vinegar can dissolve fatty deposits as well as dead skin cells of the human skin.
– Having lactic and malic acids, apple cider vinegar can not only exfoliate your skin but also soften it to decrease stretch marks.
– Apple cider vinegar also contains tract elements, which are phosphorus, calcium, silicon, copper, sulfur, potassium, and magnesium.
– It can also detoxify, cleanse and balance the pH levels of your skin naturally.
Because of apple cider vinegar’s chemical composition, it is the single one among many types of vinegars that has healing effects.
How To Choose Apple Cider Vinegar
The first step when it comes to learning how to use apple cider vinegar for stretch marks is to choose a good type of apple cider vinegar. It is recommended to buy 5% apple cider vinegar which is best to be rubbed on the skin. When buying apple cider vinegar, do not try to save your money by choosing the cheap plastic cup of liquid that resembles acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar. It will not give you the desired results. Even, the worst case is that you may get a chemical burn. Also, choose the natural and pure type of apple cider vinegar. If you see that the liquid in the bottle is not clear, it is not a problem because it is one of signs that you are not using a synthetic product. Furthermore, it is the real apple cider vinegar and you should buy it.
How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Stretch Marks – 8 Must-Try Tips
1. Water and Apple Cider Vinegar for Stretch Marks
What you need to do is: – Mix dilute apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water – Take a cotton pad to apply this solution on your affected skin – Wait for several minutes to rinse it off, and pat it dry – Repeat this routine once per day for 2 week to get good results. You can also use rose water as an alternative for plain water.
2. Honey, Water and Apple Cider Vinegar for Stretch Marks
The combination of honey, water and apple cider vinegar gives you an excellent treatment for stretch marks and cellulites. – Mix 2 tablespoons of ACV with a little amount of honey – Add the mixture to 2/3 cup of plain water and mix them well – Apply the mixture over your affected skin and wait for 30 minutes to rinse it off with tepid water – Apply this method regularly till you get noticeable results.
3. Green Tea, Honey, Sugar, and Apple Cider Vinegar for Stretch Marks
You can combine sugar, green tea, honey and ACV together to get a natural treatment for many skin issues, including stretch marks. Sugar will naturally exfoliate your skin while honey retains the moisture of skin and boost the growth of new skin cells. On the other hand, green tea plays as a natural detoxifying ingredient that removes free radicals of your skin. – Mix ACV, green tea, sugar and honey with the ratio of 1:2:5:1 – If you want to thicken this mixture, add some sugar into – After cleansing and drying out your skin, use a cotton ball to apply the mixture onto your affected areas – Keep massaging in circular motions for about 5 minutes and leave it there for another 10 minutes – Rinse it off with water and apply your homemade toner onto (by mixing apple cider vinegar, green tea, olive oil, tea tree oil and lemon juice with the ratio of 1:2:1:1:1) – Leave the toner on your skin for a few hours or overnight and rinse it off the next morning – Repeat this routine twice per week to get a relief from stretch marks. Read more: 8 Tips on How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Buttocks, Stomach & Legs 4. Apple Cider Vinegar Only Using apple cider vinegar as a homemade toner is another good way to eliminate stretch marks on your skin. – Mix ACV with plain water with the ratio of 1:2 – Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and shake it up – Spray the mixture over your skin or apply it using a cotton ball – Wait till it dries out and apply your moisturizer to your skin – Repeat this routine daily. 5. Tea Tree Oil And Apple Cider Vinegar for Stretch Marks – Combine ACV and a few drops of tea tree oil together – Apply the mixture over your skin and wait for several minutes to rinse it off with plain water – Repeat this routine daily to get significant improvements. 6. Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar for Stretch Marks For an easy-to-prepare solution for stretch marks removal, you can combine lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. – Mix ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice and the same amount of organic apple cider vinegar. For sensitive skin, dilute the mixture with water. – Apply the mixture on your skin and rinse it off after a few minutes – Do not forget to apply moisturizer after drying out your skin. Read also: 9 Ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts & Moles 7. Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar You can use this combination for not only stretch mark removal but also dead skin cells removal. It also helps encourage the production of collagen to fill in the indented acne scars. – On the first day, combine water and baking soda to get a mixture. Apply it over your skin and rinse it off after it dries out. – On the second day, combine water and apple cider vinegar to apply on the affected skin using a cotton pad. After 15 minutes to rinse it off. – Repeat this routine regularly. 8. Raw Milk and Apple Cider Vinegar – Combine 1 teaspoon of raw milk with the same amount of ACV. – Apply the mixture over your skin and rinse it off after 15 minutes – Do this method twice per day for better results. 9. Banana and Apple Cider Vinegar for Stretch Marks – Take a fresh banana to mash it up and combine 1 tablespoon of this paste with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar – Similar to the above methods, apply it and rinse it off after 15 minutes – Repeat this routine thrice per day. Learn more: 3 Best Methods on How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Heartburn 10. Rose Water, Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar – Mix 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice / lime juice and 1 teaspoon of rose water. – Apply the mixture over your skin using a cotton ball – Rinse it off after 15 minutes and repeat this routine daily Further Tips For Relieve Stretch Marks And Cellulites In addition to combining 10 tips using apple cider vinegar for stretch marks and cellulites above, you should also apply these tips as well as precautions: – Use unfiltered, unpasteurized, organic, raw apple cider vinegar – Dilute it with water if you have sensitive skin to avoid skin irritation – Avoid applying ACV onto open wounds, the areas near eyes and extremely dry areas – Always cleanse your skin before applying these methods – Do a patch test prior to using this ingredient – Consult a professional / doctor after using these tips for a significant amount of time without any results.

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