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Ένα (και όχι μόνο) wiki για το μάθημα του 2εξ Κοινωνία της Γνώσης και της Πληροφορίας ΣΧΜ ΕΜΠ
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How Are We Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Are We Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Wiki_Universe |

Did you know that between 2011 and 2012, time spent on social media increased by some 30 billion minutes, representing a year-on-year increase of 37 percent?

But, according to one study, while Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest remain popular with users aged 30 and over, it’s the formerly niche social platforms such as Reddit, Github and DeviantArt that can boast the highest representation amongst the important 18-29 demographic.


Digital agency iAcquire partnered with SurveyMonkey to track the behaviour of social media users, presenting their key findings in this infographic...

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Bart van Maanen's curator insight, April 5, 2013 6:19 AM

Niet echt verrassend trends, maar goed om even te zien. En gebaseerd op op Amerikaans onderzoek, want ik geloof niet dat Reddit, Github and DeviantArt veel in NL gebruikt worden.

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Content Curation Adoption Survey 2012 Report - Curata [FREE REPORT]

Content Curation Adoption Survey 2012 Report - Curata [FREE REPORT] | Wiki_Universe |

Therese's summary: Curata last year's survy report was quite popular and widely cited. This year Curata surveyed 400 marketers and found out that 95% are curating content (even if they don't call it by the name); 85% do this to establish their (company's) leadership (+8% from last year); 79% find social media the top source of content and 76% the main channel for distributing it; three quarters cite finding the time the main challenge of content curation and creation...

This is just to give you a flavor. Download the FREE 4 page report. It's a quick easy read with lots of graphics.

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How Teens Do Research in the Digital World | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

How Teens Do Research in the Digital World | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project | Wiki_Universe |

Pew Research has just published a study that looks at how teens do research in the digital world. They survey was done "in collaboration with the College Board and the National Writing Project." Below are a couple of the key findings (quoted).

* Virtually all (99%) AP and NWP teachers in this study agree with the notion that 'the internet enables students to access a wider range of resources than would otherwise be available,' and 65% agree that 'the internet makse today's students more self-sufficient.'

* Fewer teachers, but still a majority of this sample (60%), agree with the assertion that today's technologies make it harder for students to find credible sources of information.

This links to the overview. If you would like to see the full report (online or download as a pdf) click on this link:

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Patty Ball's curator insight, March 13, 2013 11:08 AM

what sites students use for research

Pippa Davies @PippaDavies 's curator insight, March 14, 2013 6:38 PM

Nothing new here in the way our students research.  More reason to train our students to take ownership for evaluating what they retrieve on the net.

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How The World Spends Its Time Online - #Infographic

How The World Spends Its Time Online - #Infographic | Wiki_Universe |

Millions of people across the world are constantly connected by the internet.


Nielsen periodically releases data from its studies of consumer behavior online.


Total Time Spent Worldwide

The average American spends more than 60 hours a month online. This is the equivalent of 30 straight days a year.


Social networking accounts for 22% of the time, and 42% is spent viewing content.

Other activities, such as email, commerce and searching, accounts for 36%.

Among people who use the Internet, each person visits 2,646 Web pages on 89 domains and logs in 57 times per month.


Most Popular Brands

The percentage of all online users that visit Google is 82. The other top Internet brands include MSN/Bing (62), Facebook (54), Yahoo (53), Microsoft (48), YouTube (47), Wikipedia (35), AOL (27), Ebay (26) and Apple (26).


Social Network Usage

Among Internet users, 80% in Brazil use social network sites. Other countries with high percentages include Italy (73%), Spain (75%), Japan (70%), The United States (67%), The United Kingdom (69%), France (67%), Australia (59%), Germany (51%) and Switzerland (51%).


Daily Internet Activities

The percentage of American adults (including non-Internet users) who use the Internet at all each day is 55%. 45% send or read email, 40%  use a search engine, 30% get news, 18% bank online, 15% watch a video, 15%  use a social networking site, 10% read a blog, 5% buy a product and 5%  play games online.


By Visual Economics -


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