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Mashbord puts your favorite links into a customizable dashboard that you can actually use.
Nowadays are tons of bookmarking sites out there already and we love them. The problem is, they don't really do exactly what we need them to. So we made a better one. We needed structure, not a bewildering list of tags; and we needed a superfast way to visually recognize a bookmark and go there. Mashbord is this solution.
Because mashbord is task-oriented, it′s more than just a bookmark site, it′s a productivity tool. Just create a mashbord for a specific task and then add only those bookmarks that make sense. Your additions display as thumbnails, not just text. This lets you visually scan what you′re looking for and go to it... quickly.
Features :
Create your very own, customized mashbord.
Create a Mashbord just for cooking websites and recipe resources. Or create an online shopping-related Mashbord with bins for electronics, clothes, and music. Create a Mashbord for all your most used websites so you're always a click away from what you need.
Access your mashbords anywhere.
Mashbord is always available, as long as you have an internet connection and a browser.
Make Mashbord your homepage
Everyone has a bunch of sites they ALWAYS access. Stuff like Webmail, Twitter, Facebook, the bank, you name it. You can set up your Mashbord with "Social Media," "Personal Finance," or even "Favorite Blogs" bins. By making Mashbord your private "Mashup Dashboard" you'll have direct visual access to all your favorites in one place.

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